Apr 072017

The New York Times reports: April 6, 2017
Eleven weeks into the Trump presidency, the Secret Service is grappling with how to constrain the rising costs and unexpected strain that have come with protecting a new first family as large, mobile and high-profile as any in modern American history.
To keep up, dozens of agents from New York and field offices across the country are being temporarily pulled off criminal investigations to serve two-week stints protecting members of the Trump family, including the first lady and the youngest son in Manhattan’s Trump Tower.

Others, already assigned to the highly selective presidential protective division, had hoped for relief after a grueling election year. That hope has evaporated as they work more overtime hours and spend long stretches away from home because of the Trump family’s far-flung travel.
And in Washington, agency leaders are already negotiating for tens of millions of dollars in supplemental funding to help offset the sky-high costs of securing Trump Tower and other high-profile family assets like Mar-a-Lago in Florida. It is a figure that will only continue to rise.

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Trump wants to cut the budget that provides basic needs for average Americans,
I say he can start with himself. If the rest of us have to do more with less, than he can too. If he’s so damned wealthy, then set an amount for SS protection and he pays anything above that. T\
People don’t have decent housing, can’t pay medical bills, drive roads that are like a lunar surface, have to work in their retirement years, etc, etc, and he’s lives like royalty, it’s disgusting.

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