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New Year’s Resolutions:  There are many that make them – and – many that break them; and few that keep them.  The Chinese state that a life is not worth living if there is no self awareness.  We all know that there are areas in our lives that need improvement.  Some of us do it all-year-round and others wait until New Year’s Day.  paula.

babylonmap Unknown-1 Background:   Four thousand years ago,  the Babylonians were celebrating their usual traditions of the New Year. It wasn’t a one day affair, in fact, the New Year’s party lasted for eleven days.

It was a time for reflection on past sins. One of the most popular resolutions was returning “borrowed” farm equipment. Remember, this was an agriculturally based society. On the other hand, it was wise to return borrowed things, you might need to re-borrow them and a reputation as a dishonest hoarder could spread quickly.

The Romans


The Roman Empire in red.

The Roman Empire in red.

Wherever they conquered, they brought skills and inventions as well as taking ideas from the vanquished. When the Julian calendar was created, the first month of the New Year was named after the Roman god, Janus (hence January). Janus was a two-faced god, one looked to the past and the other face looked towards the future. Janus was a god of peace and reconciliation and his temple was a place of ‘truce’ where warring factions could talk in safety. It was here in the Temple of Janus that new resolutions could be forged and new beginnings planned.

Popular Resolutions – World Wide.   The idea is to work on one or two goals.  Then if they are achieved, add more.  The plan is to keep them simple and measurable.   If you intend to walk everyday, mark it on a calendar.  Keep a journal of your goals.   Be gentle on yourself.

  • Goal: Improve physical well-being:
  • Achieved by…eating healthy food, loosing weight, exercising more, cutting down or quitting smoking/drinking
  • Goal: Improve mental well-being:
  • Achieved by….having positive thoughts, being with positive people, being social, being happy and thankful.
  • Goal: To Improve Finances
  • Achieved by: saving money, balancing spending, getting out of debt, not buying on credit
  • Goal: To Improve Career or Changing It
  • Achieved by….more positive attitude, team work, or a change of job/career…night courses.
  • Goal: To Improve Education
  • Achieved by….night courses, on-line courses, reading for self-improvement
  • Goal: To Self-Improve
  • Achieved by….positive self-worth, learn a talent (musical instrument, language, skill) join Tai Chi, Yoga, gym
  • Goal: To Cut Down on Stress
  • Achieved by: getting things ready the night before, managing time, thinking before exploding, get out of home – walk, ride a bike, read books on diminishing stress, cut down on alcohol, caffeine – don’t overeat or drink alcohol when stressed.  Plan fun or educational activities for weekends/nights.  Plan a trip.  Share life with a positive friend.
    • Get along better with people, improve social skills, enhance social intelligence
  • Goal:  Try New Things
  • Achieved by:  Eating a foreign food, attending various religious ceremonies, volunteering at cultural actives,
  • volunteering for charitable organizations, teach a child/adult to read.  Sponsor a child.   Visit an old folks home once a week/month.  Visit family members or keep in touch with them.
  • Goal:  Listen to Yourself
  • Achieved by:  asking yourself questions?  Getting to the ‘gut level’ feelings of intuition inside.
  • You know:  What Needs to be Improved.
  •                      What physical needs you have.
  •                      What mental improvements you need.
  •                      What you need to do islove yourself, love others and if you are a believer, love God.

Happy New Year, Everyone with a joke.images-18






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