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Married for four years, Cari and Lauri Ryding were shocked when they arrived home to a missing rainbow flag and a home that was stinking from being attacked by thrown eggs.  It is a wonderful friendly neighbourhood and the women set off to find out if anyone had seen the attacker(s).
Community Reacts with Love

The neighbours reacted by flying a total of 60 rainbow flags.  The love and solidarity made Cari and Lauri cry.
The Rydings filed a police report, calling it an act of vandalism and not a hate crime.
‘The story is not us or the attack,’ Lauri said. ‘It’s these people who surround us on a daily basis, who banded together to support their neighbors.
‘Love conquers hate. It is what we all strive for. It’s a teaching moment. It’s a wonderful display of solidarity and unity and caring, of neighbors helping neighbors. There’s so much love around us.’ –

History Repeats Itself in a Good Way.

Paula’s comments:  History has repeated itself in a good way.  When the Nazis ordered everyone in Holland to wear a  yellow  Star of David to identify them as Jews, the King and royal family stood in solidarity with them.  The King and Queen stood on the balcony wearing yellow Stars of David.

Thank you to the neighbours.     Prainbow flags rainbow flag

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