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The word “disease” is really dis-ease. Something is not at ease

within your physical body. It does not have to be a matter of life and death such as terminal illnesses. Dis-ease can be a mental outlook that directly affects the body. For example, there was a study done with a large group of seniors in a retirement home.

The Seniors’ Experiment

The study separated the seniors into two groups with an even distribution according to age, gender and health issues. Each individual was tested with regard to mobility. They were told that for an hour each day they would be given activities. This would last for two weeks.

seniorsGroup A: They were given sit-down art and craft activities, interspersed with lovely gentle slide shows of animals and children. They really enjoyed their two weeks.

Group B: They were asked to go back to the 50s and 60s and to dance for that hour – each according to his or her abilitiy.

They were asked  to “THINK YOUNG.”seniorsUnknown-8

Some of the senior thought they were “too old” for such activities, and just sat and watched. Over time, all seniors were up and dancing. They performed fun dances like the hokey pokey. There was much laughter. Individuals admitted that it was nice to have the human touch of dancing a waltz with a partner.

Measuring the Results

In terms of mobility, the arts and crafts individual still maintained their original scores. The dancing group, however, showed significant gains in mobility. One man organized a weekly dance. Some decided to walk more each day. When asked what they thought led to their greater fitness, the majority stated, “we were asked to THINK YOUNG.” This, of course, means to think positive and to exercise.   Our bodies will age and there is no guarantee as to the fitness levels we will attain. What we can do is to think positive and try to exercise while we are young. This may help us when we reach our senior years and it will certainly help us in the NOW of our lives.



Please paste and copy and send it to an older person that you love, or put it into practise yourself. All my blogs/posts are done based on love.



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