Jul 302016

The NBA has said “NO” All Star Game to “Christian” Rev. Graham and Governor Pat McCrory!  The NBA and many companies detest the HB2 Bill passed.

North Carolina is a state that I have driven through often on my way to Florida.   People have been kind and hospitalble to my wife, Trish, and myself. It saddens and angers me when this state has passed a dangerous bill of inequality. I am referring to HB2 a bill signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory. , HB2 diminishes workplace protections for LGBTI people including blocking local governments from passing anti-discrimination laws. In addition, it requires transgender citizens to use public restrooms according to their birth certificate gender. To visualize this, a transgendered woman with or without medical intervention, looking like a woman in clothing, hair and make up, can be challenged in a woman’s washroom by a child or female adult. Police will be called and this transgendered woman may have to be escorted by the police into the male public toilet.

Not to escort her would certainly bring harrassment or vioence from the men.


Wrong Identifications:

Many straight women have been wrongly accused and police called in vain. One woman (photo below) had shaved her hair for a cancer charity –

920x920DANBURY – Aimee Toms was washing her hands in the women’s bathroom at Walmart in Danbury Friday when a stranger approached her and said, “You’re disgusting!” and “You don’t belong here!”

I would state that the majority of us women have washed our hands beside transgendered women who have used the toilet. What would be gained by a transgendered woman in her sexually attacking another woman or child?

These Two Men Who are Right-Wing Bigots

Obviously, the Governor is a hateful person and he knows how to use the media. His HB2 bill reduced and removed full equality rights for gays and lesbians. However, he pushed this bill through highlighting the ‘dangers’ of transgendered persons attacking women and children in public toilets. The second person who is a hateful homophobe is the Rev. Franklin Graham. This is the son of Billy Graham who was a powerful Evangelical.   Franklin’s fear mongering centres on “pedophiles and sexually disturbed people” suddenly entering female public washrooms.   There has not been ONE case of a transgendered person attacking anyone in a public washroom.


The Loss of the NBA All Star Game

The National Basketball Association chooses a city to stage its “All Star Game.” It brings incredble riches to the city that hosts it.

This year, Charlotte, North Carolina was chosen. However, the NBA warned the Governor that it would not play in a state that had inequality contained and carried out because of the HB2 bill.

Bible used as a weapon of hate by Franklin Graham

Bible used as a weapon of hate by Franklin Graham

 Graham and McCrory Respond to the Loss

It is not surprising that both men would brush the horrific loss of gay and lesbian rights under the rug. Where is their “Christian” concern for their “neighbor” and I use this word because Jesus uses it in the Parable/Story of the Good Samaritan. And, believe it or not, Franklin Graham heads the “Samaritan’s Purse” a international relief agency.


The Good Samaritan Story (often not lived by “Christians.”

A lawyer asks Jesus how to enter the Kingdom (Heaven). He is told that all the Jewish scriptures can be condensed into “Love God, Love Neighbor, Love self.” Now, the lawyer seemed to have problems with loving his neighbor (everyone). There were Cleanliness Laws that had to be obeyed. A Jew could not be physically touched by a Samaritan. If this happened, a Jew would have to go to the Jewish Temple to be cleansed by a priest. The lawyer asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor.” He was hoping that Jesus, as a Jew, would exempt Samaritans from being his neighbor. In the story, a man is beaten up and left to die. Jesus states that two Jews, a priest and a Levite, walked by the man. This would have surprised the lawyer and the audience surrounding Jesus. Then, Jesus mentions a Samaritan approaching. To the lawyer and others listening, it is the Samaritan, the most outcast of Jewish society, who put the man on his donkey and takes him to an Inn. He promises to pay for the man’s recovery.


I find it ironic that Rev. Franklin Graham and Governor Pat McCrory

cannot see their neighbors in gays and lesbians and in transgendered persons. Now, the NBA and companies are pulling out of North Carolina and visitors are avoiding the state. Grahm and McCrory are minorities in their thoughts and actions.   They are NOT following Jesus the man who had unconditional love for all people. Thank you NBA for showing young and old that discrimination is unfair.

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