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Unknown-2July 23, 2012 was a sad day for science, space flight and for Sally Ride’s female partner of 27 years.  Why the title of this blog page?  Most bigots are uneducated or brain-washed by religion.  They have a very narrow focus and, in general, have little knowledge of the object of their hatred.   North Carolina in April 2016 passed a despicable bill that discriminates against gays and transgendered persons.  Had Dr. Sally Ride been alive at that time, would she have faced discrimination in renting a home in North Carolina.  The answer is – if the owner didn’t know who she was – YES.

Bigots have a neat package of facts and opinions about the object of their hate.  Most would view a lesbian as tough, leather-jacked, chain-smoking, beer giggling and spitting loud mouth – out to turn their girls into lesbians.  (O.K, reader so you fit the description until the little girl part – LOL).

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Reporter’s questions.

  1.  Can you tell me who is Sally Ride?
  2.  Can you tell me why Sally Ride became famous?
  3. The first woman to command a NASA space shuttle – was she a straight woman or a lesbian?
  4.  Can you name a lesbian American poet, or soccer player, or musician, or writer?

Some Facts about Sally Ride -trailblazing, space-traversing American hero.

  • Sally was once an aspiring tennis player. As a youngster, she ranked in the Top 20 junior tennis stars in the country.
  • She entered the space program after answering a newspaper ad. Not that NASA was accepting just anyone — she held a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford.
  • Her 1983 mission represented a lot of firsts: Sally wasn’t just the first American woman in space, but she was also the first lesbian and the youngest astronaut (at age 32) to enter space.
  • After she retired from NASA in 1987, she continued her career as a theoretical physicist and founded Sally Ride Science to encourage kids toward science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Sally was named to the National Women’s Hall of Fame, as well as the Astronaut Hall of Fame, and recently she was honored with the National Space Grant Distinguished Service Award, conferred on her by President Obama.

27 years of commitment – Sally and Tammy

  • She flew her own plane to her 1982 Kansas wedding to fellow astronaut Steven Hawley. The marriage ended in divorce, and she lived out her life with partner Dr. Tam E. O’Shaughnessy for 27 years until her death.
  • Sally was also a Trekkie.
  • She was a master at New York Times crossword puzzles. While it may seem random and frivolous, it actually made sense to her, given her profession: “Science is fun . . . Science is curiosity. We all have natural curiosity. Science is a process of investigating. It’s posing questions and coming up with a method. It’s delving in. It’s a lot more important than memorizing things like fila. Memorizing fila is not science. Science is solving puzzles.”

  2 Responses to “N.Carolina: Sally Ride Would Be Discriminated – Had She Lived”

  1. Sally Ride was an amazingly intelligent, complex, & brave woman.

    To think that she would be at the receiving end of a hogwash of BS religious bigotry is sickening– considering all that she risked for the f*ckwits who would do her harm for something which is not any of their business & which ought to be of no consequence….

    I am in awe of Sally & wish the very best to her partner, Tam.

    • Hi Tracy:
      Love your country and as a Canadian, my wife Trish and I will be returning to house/pet sit this year (Oct.2017) starting in Perth. This will be our fifth visit, starting with Trish’s teacher exchange for a year back in 2002/3. Maybe I’ll run into you – it is such a ‘small’ country…LOL.

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