May 252017

Here is the second blog of my own lezzie limericks – which as a theme are bawdy and not to be taken seriously by the faint-hearted! LOL

We are everywhere – we are incredible women!

A patriotic French lezzie from Boossy,

had a red, white and blue painted pussy,

By the mirror she’d stand with a salute of her hand,

To honour France, Boossy and pussy!

There was a sales lezzie from Melling,

Who had quite the knack of quick selling,

‘I’ll just alter your bra – done by the hour,

I’m just jelling my selling in Melling.


You’ll know when I’m home

I have my undies on the flag pole

I’m wearing a smile

Longer than a mile!

A Mexican police officer called Bess Key,

In a uniform looked hot and sexy,

Women said, “cuff me, and do it real roughly,”

My Mexi, My Bexi – come and sex me!”



There once was a lesbian mechanic,

Whose sexual ways led to panic,

Asked girlfriend Rose – “Why the grease on the hose?”

 Came the answer: “I’m a mischievous,  manic, mechanic ‘

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