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I know that many of you have read the lesbians stories on my site.






Three of them, I am hoping to make three of them e-books within the next couple of months. They are:

Jo of the Outback:


ATT00005 I started this as my first lesbian story.  Trish, my married partner, was on a teacher exchange for a year.  Since I was not employable, I wrote this Australian love story and dedicated it to her.  I spent a lot of time in the Outback and loved it.  I fell in love with the animals/birds and scenery.  I watched kangaroos bounce and parrots of every type fly.  Two years ago, Trish and I took half a year off and returned to travel in the Outback of Australia.  Jo, stockhand, lives in the Outback and I wanted to recreate her world.


Jazz – Television Carpenter in London 


Jazz was my fantasy…rich and good-looking lesbian with a television show and lots of women to date.   I have lived in London on many occasions so it seemed the ideal setting for me.   For this book, I had to research expensive cars and planes.  I drooled and wished I had won the lottery.

Lt. Dee   (in Vietnam War)


Hospitals were mobile units in Vietnam,
easily moved and assembled again.

041023-F-2034C-051 This book idea came from a visit to the Washington D.C (USA) war memorial.  I saw the name “Sharon Lane.” with the name of 55,000 dead soldiers.  Sharon along with eight other nurses died in the Vietnam War.

 I research the roles of nurses in Vietnam. They served in the army, air force and navy. I created a story against the backdrop of war.  I did not want to exploit the war, and I have tried to treat it with respect.  My lovers, Dee and Skip, are heroic nurses who love the soldiers, but have love in a war zone. To make it as authentic as I could, I wrote too Margarethe Cammeermeyer who wrote “Serving in Silence” and she kindly read my manuscript on Lt. Dee and added comments, which I have used.  Get the book and movie, it’s great.  Margarethe served in Vietnam.images-7






The three books will have a sub-title Michigan Bound: Book 1, 2, 3.  Each of my heroines is bound for the Michigan Womyn’s Festival held annually in USA for over 30 years.

There are a few steps that need to be taken before these three stories are published. (thankfully they are all completed).


1.  My partner/wife, Trish has to read it as my editor.  She is fabulous at doing this job.

2.  I need artistic title book covers.  I am contacting a nice artist in Asia.

3.  I have to contact Smashwords, and they send the three to the Apple Store, Sony and Barnes and Nobel.

4. I have to contact  They put the book with the printed cover on the category shelf.  In my case, it will be under “Lesbian Stories.”

If you  are willing to write comments, I will make sure you get a FREE e-book of the story you choose.  Readers from different countries are so exciting, especially when they add comments.

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I want these books to be the best that I can write.  I will never win a Nobel Prize for literature, but I want lesbians (particularly in repressive countries) to know that lesbians can be: rich, famous, fly planes, own luxurious cars, have television shows, and one who lives a simple life in the Australian countryside as a farm hand/stock woman.  All are worthy lesbians that have a human element to them.

Thank you for any support.


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