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Kelly, My Lovely Golden Retrievers and New Born Kittens.

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My Golden Retriever, Kelly, and New Born Kittens.

This picture brings back wonderful memories of my beautiful dog, Kelly.   She has left this world and is now in the a world full of wonderful animals that do not hunt or kill one another.  She shares different kinds of heavenly food with all animals.  I believe this.   There are many religions that have names for Heaven.  I believe that it is a wonderful place for humans after they die.  It is also a place for all animals.

Kelly and the Birth of Sheba’s Kittens

Kelly and Sheba.

When I took a homeless cat into my home, I did not know that she was pregant.  Kelly welcomed her and they became best friends.

What a surprise it was when Sheba’s belly grew and we knew she was going ot be a mum, mother, momma!

Sheba gave birth to four lovely kittens.  Kelly watched from over a board of wood that we had placed at the entrance of the door.  She knew not to cross the board.  She knew that Sheba needed space to give birth.  When Kelly saw and heard the kittens, she wagged her tail but remained calm. She did not want to upset Sheba or frighten the kittens.  She was a good nurse who waited in case Sheba needed help.  Sheba often looked at Kelly.  We knew she was proud of Auntie Kelly.

Kelly Loved the Little Kittens

Chrissy the first kitten to snuggle with Auntie Kelly

Several days later, it was Sheba that made the move on bringing the kittens over the board and into our living room.  We had a lovely little bed of a baby’s mattress with soft sheets ready for them.  At first, Kelly just sat a little way from the bed.  She wanted the kittens to know that they were safe.  I remember the first brave kitten that slowly wobbled over to Kelly.  Our dog was seated on the carpet and “Christopher” came and gently rubbed his head against Kelly’s chest.

We chose to name him – Christopher – after the brave explorer, Christopher Columbus. Later, we had to call her “Christine” or “Chrissy,as she turned out to be a girl.  Well, Kelly didn’t move.  She did not want to scare Chrissy.  Instead, she gently licked the top of Chrissy’s head.

Chrissy playing with Kelly

Sheba had been watching.  One by one, the other three kittens went over to Kelly. Several times that day, we watched as the kittens snuggled into Kelly’s big warm coat and slept.  At the end of the day – even Sheba came to snuggle into Kelly with her kittens.

Kelly was a good babysitter. She would watch over the kittens when Sheba when outside for walks.

Auntie Kelly with Chrissy and Ginger.  The other kittens, Tabby and Jenny were on a walk with Momma Sheba when the photo was taken.

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