Apr 052013

165395To encourage me to ‘come out’ to myself, a friend gave me a copy of “Rubyfruit Jungle.” I was amazed that the main character was openly proud about being a lesbian. Now, years later, I smile when I see Rita Mae Brown’s other novels.
The same year, I purchased a tape cassette of Cris and Meg’s performance at Carnegie Hall. I was amazed and excited that women would sing love songs to one another. Another fact intrigued me. When Cris and Meg performed at Carnegie Hall, many women rented a tuxedo.  Not too long afterwards, I donned a tux to attend many lesbian events.  This tape cassette was worn out from my constant playing of it.  One song, “So Good, So Right” was one of my favourites.  The lyrics were written by Brenda Russell. (The singing builds-higher and higher – like a good ol’ orgasm! lol).


A tuxedo is worn by both women

We’re on the shores of nowhere
looking out to sea
i turn and kiss your face and you laugh at me, laugh at me
how do i feel when I feel like rain
feel like saying
it feels so good so right to be with tonight{chorus}

There is no space between the ocean, you, and me
Exchanging life force as we live and breath
together we’ll be
how do i feel when i feel like saying
feel like praying
feels so good so right to be with you tonight{chorus}
you make me feel so young the way we laugh and play
like a child in the sun
you know I wanna stay
in love this way

how do i feel when i feel like praying, feel like saying
It;s feels so good so right to be with you tonight

What struck me was the joy and delight of women in love with women.  Now, happily married to a woman (thank you, Canada) I live these words daily.  Thanks also to:  Rita, Cris and Meg (and my friend).

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