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2013 has been a wonderful year for gays/lesbians in certain areas.  Several Latin American countries and New Zealand has legalized same-sex marriages.  Countries That Allow Gay Marriage

Argentina (2010) Denmark (2012) The Netherlands (2000) South Africa (2006)
Belgium (2003) England / Wales (2013) New Zealand (2013) Spain (2005)
Brazil (2013) France (2013) Norway (2009) Sweden (2009)
Canada (2005) Iceland (2010) Portugal (2010) Uruguay (2013)

Countries Where Gay Marriage is Legal in Some Jurisdictions

Mexico (2009) United States (2003)

Bangladesh between India and Pakistan

However, when two women marry each other in Bangladesh, this is newswothy!

A Muslim woman and a woman from Bangladesh were arrested for marrying each other in what is described as the country’s first same-sex marriage despite laws criminalizing the union.

The 21-year-old and 16-year-old, who met when the older woman tutored the younger, recently eloped from southwestern Pirojpur and came to the capital city of Dhaka to marry and start living together. But one of the women’s fathers filed a missing person’s report after his daughter fled, and police found them living together in a rented house in the Dhaka shortly after.

Homosexual relationships including same-sex marriage are ilegaland punishable with life in prison in Bangladesh or up to ten years of hard labor. Public displays of affection between friends of the same sex are common and do not raise any controversy, however, there is a strong objection to homosexuality arising from the religious traditions of the majority Muslim country. Homosexual communities exist in Bangladesh, but they are the hidden minorities

World homosexuality Laws. Click on image to see legend. courtesy Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0

Homosexuality legal 

  Dark Blue: Same-sex marriage1    Light Blue:   Other type of partnership (or unregistered cohabitation)1        Light Green:  Foreign same-sex marriages recognized1

Light Blue:      Limited recognition of same-sex marriages at the federal level, no state level recognition1      Grey:     No recognition of same-sex couples

Homosexuality illegal/restrictions

 Beige:   Laws restricting freedom of expression and association2

Yellow:   De jure penalty that is de facto not enforced       Orange:  Imprisonment

  Light Red:   Imprisonment (up to life sentence)

 Dark Red:  Up to death (ring = local judges)

Last year, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, an economist and Nobel laureate from Bangladesh, and three other Nobel Peace Prize laureates released a statement in which they called for the  legalization of same-sex sexual relationships. After the news of the same-sex marriage of these two women had broken out, “Ulama Masayekh Sanghati Parishad”, an association of Muslim clerics accused Dr. Yunus of promoting same-sex marriage in Bangladesh and called for his arrest and punishment.. They have socially boycotted him and announced a program of occupying Yunua Centre.


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