Feb 012017

Paula here.   I am an immigrant from the British Isles and I live in Canada.  It is because Canada opened her doors to me that I received a university education and became a teacher.

When Pres. Trump and his minions decided to have a ban on immigrants, I felt it a personal matter.  I was not a threat to anyone when I emigrated and neither are the vast, vast majority of immigrants.  It has been stated that the odds of any immigrant coming to the USA and becoming a terrorist is in the millions of millions to one.  This new administration cannot see a new emigrant family, but looks at the larger pictures of emigrants without names, or histories or dreams.  This story is from the New York Times.

An East-Block Emigrant in Cold War Era.

The New York Times story is about a man fleeing from Bulgaria and swimming to freedom across the Danube River.  However, it was not freedom, he was taken to a concentration camp.  He made his way to Paris where he was not allowed to work, but he fed himself working as a cleaner being paid ‘under the table.”  Eventually, he was sponsored by a church in Portland, Maine.

He married an American and years later he had an American family.  He is now dead but he and his wife secured a farm which is still working to this day.  His son has just talked to the church about sponsoring a Syrian family.  With this new ban, this is not possible but the church will now focus on new emigrants in the city.

The Fear and the Love
When this man was sponsored, it was in the cold war era.  McCarthyism was raging against Communism and Communist spies “under every bed.”  Luckily, the Portland Presbyterian church saw a ‘man in need’ and not an ocean of RED COMMIES.

It is a great sadness that Trump has put this ban into place.  He and his cronies can speak about properly vetting –  but the majority of immigrants have nothing but the clothes on their backs.  All they want and need is a home, a shelter far from bombings, a job and schooling for their kids.  If one child should become a terrorist, that child would be ONE in millions of refugees that would have become American Citizens – served in the military, police forces, and contributed to their new country as proud citizens.

Love makes an  individual, family member, country – great!



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