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Today, June 16, 2013, I received a number of visitors to my site from Mozambique. “Hello, visitors.”  Here are a few details about your country.  I hope they are accurate.  If not, please comment or email me:    paulakey47@yahoo.ca.

The People’s Republic of Mozambique is a secular state.  Unlike its African neighbours, Uganda and Nigeria (to mention a few) there is no persecution of gays and lesbians in Mozambique.

There are no religious holidays, but people of differing faiths are allowed to take off a day that corresponds with their faith.

There are no explicit laws against homosexual sex and in March, 2011, the Minister of Justice that homosexuality is not an offense in Mozambique.  In fact, congratulations are in order for Mozambique as one of the most tolerant countries in Africa towards gays and lesbians.  It is only one of three african countries to offer any form of discrimination protections for same-sex couples.  Gays are not allowed to serve in the military or adopt children, but this is a beginning towards greater equality.  Mozambique was once a Portuguese colony and Portugal has legalized same-sex marriage.  Only South Africa recognizes same sex marriage on the African continent.

Mozambique has a population that is 99.6% made up of indigenous tribal groups. Europeans and Indians make up the remaining percentages.  The overall population is nearly 20 million.  Due to famines and wars, Mozambique has given refuge to many migrants.  Mozambique must be a great place to live, because after the 16 year civil war,  over 1.3 million returned to their home in Mozambique.



Mozambique children governed by enlightened

I would like to congratulate Mozambique President Armando Guebuzza and Prime Minister Albeto Vaquina  and the government of the Republic of Mozambique, for their leadership in protecting gay/lesbian/transgendered rights.  You are all a bright light of democracy and decency on the African continent.

The children you raise today, Presdient Guebuzza and Prime Minister Vaquina, will be the leaders of tomorrow.  Thank you for representing all your citizens of Mozambique.

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