Sep 122013

london3World attention is focused on Putin’s homphobic legislation.  The Moscow Times, the largest English language Russian newspaper has named seven homophobic  “villaines.”

In this world of mass media, no longer can dictators and hatemongers hide.  While Putin may have passed the homophobic law, that does not mean there will not be world protests, especially from within the country.  This blog will be translated into Russian and then used as a comment in Russian for the Moscow Times.

Religious condemnation of homosexuals often comes from  a 3,000 year old Biblical text, written at a time when people rubbed two stick together to make a fire.  Many conservative Christians and Muslims use this ancient text to persecute and deny homosexuals basic human rights.  It is impossible to change the majority of these people.  What is to be done while homosexuals are raped, murdered and persecuted.  This is against the United Nations Charter of Rights and Freedom.  We need other approaches.  My approach is to cite the scientific evidence that homosexuality is a normal sexual diversity that is as old as heterosexuality and is evidenced in every country of the world.

I blog and comment as follows giving links to Psychiatric sites in the U.K, America, Pan-America, China mainland, Hong Kong, Lebanon, India, South Africa, Australia and Europe.  Here are the scientific facts.

Psychaiatrists world wide state that homosexuality is NOT  a) a disease  b) a mental illness  or c) a perversion.  They further point out that homosexuality cannot be changed, thereby laying to rest the claims that it is a lifestyle chocie.  It is not!  We would like President Putin and others to lay politics aside, and do the right thing.  I think the scientific approach and the law will NOT eradicate religious fanaticism, but it will at least give moderate religious persons of good will, something to think about.  I blog for lesbians on

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