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Paula here. It is the aim of this site to bring the world of women into focus and present it. I have my own opinion and you have your own view. This is an article about beauty pageants and a lesbian competitor. She is also a LGBTI activist, so her story is unique, honest and inspiring.


Personally, I have never liked beauty pageants. While “beautiful” men and women may catch our eyes, there is far too much emphasis through the media, television and the movies on this topic. Being born beautiful often seems to be a key into success and money – and – “the good life”.

On glossy magazines, beautiful people smile from luxurious homes and yachts. If we were to dig deeper, there is probably much misery as beauty is no guarantee of happiness. Beauty fades with age – although through plastic surgery it can be enhanced for longer. lol.



The toll of young girls is great. Girls as early as 10 are dieting by reducing their food intake. They have already witnessed that boys are giving their attention to the ‘beautiful’ girls in the classroom. O.K, that’s my opinion.


A Lesbian Beauty Queen

Society likes to generalize and put people into boxes with labels. I would guess that many straight people have an image of lesbians as butches. Little by little, ‘beautiful’ lesbians come ‘out of the closet’ and people state, “you could not tell she was a lesbian!”



Miss Missouri Erin O’Flaherty, 23,won her title June 18, 2016 and she is an “out” lesbian. This is surprising as we tend to think of Missouri as a ‘red neck’ state. Erin is originally from South Carolina and she announced to the world at the age of 18 that she was a lesbian. Erin is self-employed owning a clothing store in suburban St. Louis.

Like most lesbians, Erin doesn’t define herself solely as a lesbian. Her platform and work is promoting awareness of the LGBT community.   Her focus is on suicide prevention.

I applaud her for coming out and allowing her beauty and this contest to bring social justice and awareness. We know that suicide rates are higher in the gay and transgender community.


Look for September 11, 2016 and the Miss America contest in New Jersey. I wish Erin every success.

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