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In March  2009, four Ministers of Christian ‘hate’ went to Uganda to preach against homosexuality.  Their names are Scott Lively, Don Schmierer, Rick Warren, and Caleb Lee Brundidge.  The latter is a self-described former gay man who now leads ‘healing’ seminars for gays.  They brought faulty and downright lies about homosexuals based on a study by a psychologist that was removed from the American Society of Psychologists.  After they left Uganda, African ministers started showing homosexual porno to their congregations.  This begs the question, where did these African ministers obtain such porno videos?


David Kato, Gay Rights Activist, murdered.

These men did such a great job in Uganda, Africa that one month after they left, a member of the Uganda parliament proposed a bill that would hang gays caught in the sexual act.  Later that year, the Ugandan “Rolling Stone”  magazine published pictures of people they thought were gay.  After that publication, a prominent gay activist, David Kato, was murdered with a hammer.  At his funeral, Christian African preachers spoke yards away denouncing this man and his lifestyle.

Who are the three hate-mongers?  Let’s start with Scott Lively.   He has written several books against homosexuality, and recently upon the death of a gay man who died from meningitis, Lively claimed that it was a “Divine Judgment” on his homosexuality.  He likened the Uganda visit to” a nuclear bomb against the Uganda Gay Agenda..

Don Schmierer is the founder of Exodus, a ministry that devotes an extraordinary amount of time, money and effort into ‘converting and saving gays”  There is more hatred and ‘selected’ scriptural verses to back up his homophobic mission.

Caleb Lee Brundidge leads workshops on ‘healing’ and ‘reversing’ homosexuality. He is as dangerous as the others.

Rick Warren:  Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, whose wife is a close ally of Rick Warren, warned, “It is a danger not only to the believers but to the whole of Africa. It is bad if our children become complacent and think that people who are not in order are alright… These foreigners should go and practice their nonsense elsewhere.”

The Trinity  Broadcasting Network spreads its message to Africa.  Again, homosexuality is denounced, making gays the target of ‘brain-washed’ viewers.      And Jesus wept.  (This is the shortest sentence in the Gospels)

See site: Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice for global issues affecting lesbians.

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