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“Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred years as a sheep.”  (Anon)

The apartment door burst open; the hallway filled with vocal venom.

“You’re a scum-bag, a lousy cheating bitch!”

An attractive tall woman dodged a barrage of pitched items.

Neighbouring doors opened in curiosity.  The British pro golfer was having girlfriend troubles. Additional hurled items crashed, accompanied by a further stream of insults.

“Get out of my life!   Just stay away from me!”

The victimized woman tried to diffuse the situation.  In a calm voice she said, “I’d like to get my clothes, please.”

This non-fazed response infuriated the aggressive golf star.

“Jazz, you need to grow up!  Your kind of womanizing is for immature kids! ”

Jazz smiled.

“You knew the score, Jenny.”

Jazz gathered her courage and walked straight back in, past Jenny. Once inside the bedroom, she locked the door.  This move further infuriated Jenny.  She continued to yell while Jazz slowly packed her clothes.

Getting kicked out by girlfriends was one price to pay for carefree and uncommitted relationships.  Jazz blocked out the verbal commotion and thought through her next moves.  She would return to her penthouse, have a drink and then plan the evening’s events.  It was Friday night and the Candy Bar would be her first place to visit.  This lively lesbian bar was located in Soho, the predominantly gay district of London.  She was always a hit there, a television star known for her highly successful carpentry show was always welcome.  At twenty-five years of age, fame and a substantial bank account made for a swinging lifestyle. Jazz had no intention of entering a serious relationship. Getting kicked out simply signalled the start of a new adventure.

“I’ve packed my things.   I’m coming out!” Jazz boldly shouted.

Jazz watched for any unwanted move on the part of the strong athlete.  To her relief, Jenny was sitting in an armchair, crying.   Jazz just kept walking.  She had learned that tears were often employed as deceptive tools of bargaining.   She pushed the elevator button and it opened, but not before Jenny hurled a final missile.

“Jazz, you’re sewer shit!”

Jazz picked up the wooden jewellery box while an older man held the doors open.  Jazz recognized his wife peering out by his side, a sour woman who had previously made several homophobic remarks in the presence of Jazz and Jenny.  She turned to her husband.

“It’s a vulgar breed of woman that uses foul language.”

The husband glanced at his wife, Bertha and coughed nervously.  Jazz spoke to him.  ”See this box, I made it for Jenny.”

The woman muttered. ”It’s unnatural.”

Jazz turned the box over.   ”It’s natural teak and mahogany.”

The woman grabbed her husband’s arm.

“Harold, what she is, has taken her off the ‘straight and narrow way!”

Jazz laughed.  ”Harold, I was never on the straight way, it’s much too narrow!”

Harold loosened his wife’s tight grasp.

“Your telly show is very good.  I’ve learned a lot about carpentry!”

Jazz thanked him.

“A woman doing a man’s job, now there’s another unnatural thing!” snarled Bertha.

The door opened to the parking garage.  Harold was yanked out.

Jazz called after him.

“Harold, it’s never too late to dump her!”

Jazz strode past a sophisticated security system towards a stunning, slim black body that beckoned to her.

(End of Blog 1)

Dec 10, 2012


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