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Michigan 2012womyn fest smallMICHIGAN BOUND: Jazz belongs to a series of books that I have written. Each of the books, while set in different countries, has a common theme that being that each of the characters is ‘Michigan Bound.’ The ‘Michigan’ in question refers to the Womyn’s Festival held yearly in this U.S. state. I have some questions now for you.  (It would be great if you could answer them!) –Have you been there? –What was your overall impression of the Festival? — Did you find romance there? –Who were the major entertainers? –Did you ‘dress down’? –What kind of workshops did you attend? –Do you have a similar festival in your country?

For readers who are unfamiliar with the Michigan Womyns’ Festival, I’ll give you a few details.  It first opened its’ arms to womyn in 1975. During its early years, campers were entertained by musicians: Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Meg Christian, Ferron and others. The crowds grew and the Festival moved to its present 650-acre location near Hart, Michigan. According to their website, this move in 1982 attracted upwards of 8,000 campers. Can you imagine the joy of seeing eight thousand daughters of Sappho?  For their tenth anniversary, a double album was produced featuring past performers. Around this time, the Festival extended its activities to five days. The Michigan Womyn’s Festival has attracted interest on a global scale with many international artists added.  I have been regaled with stories about the Michigan Womyn’s Festival for many years, and I intend to finally visit this summer.  Each time one of these tales is recounted, I learn more about ‘us.’ as womyn and lesbians.  Every participant returns home with memories in her heart, and an increased knowledge that  WE ARE EVERYWHERE, and WE ARE PROUD!  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the organizers of this Festival.  Fingers crossed for meeting you at Michigan 2013!

The history of the Labrys (axe) worn by many women will be included in my next short blog.
The story of Jazz continues. It will be marked #2.
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