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It has started already, a self-appointed ” bathroom cop” followed a woman into the female bathoom/toilet to “protect his mother.”  The incident  happened last Thursday at the Baylor Medical Center in Frisco, Texas. The person who was stalked is a woman called Jessica Rush.  Smart Jessica videoed the man on her phone.   This is the result of bigoted legislation signed into law by the State of North Carolina.  It has started hysterics and lies directed at transgendered females.  For years this women have used the female bathrooms and not ONE case of harassment as been recorded.  Now, there is a danger that men will enter women’s bathrooms on such pretences.   The North Carolina law (and other states that are implementing it) are putting          women in danger.

The Texas Incident

Jessica Rush was not wearing typical feminine clothes – just like the ‘dress’ sign on the women’s bathrooms.   She was sporting a bleached blond fauxhawk, a t-shirt from her alma mater, Texas Tech University, and a pair of basketball shorts.  Apparently, the man who followed her did not think this was feminine attire!!

Jessica who works as a manager at a local health-food takeout place was at the medical center that day to have her pair of broken fingers checked.

The Man’s Excuse


‘When I saw you go in, I thought you [were]…’ the man says.

‘A boy?’ Jessica offers.

‘Yeah, it was kind of confusing… You know it’s difficult, you dress like a man,’ the man explains. ‘You dress like a man.’

The man then walked away.

Later at the waiting area, Jessica saw the ‘bathroom cop’ again, who elaborated that he was worried that a man had entered the same bathroom his mother was going to use.

“‘The point is I was helping my mom. I was confused when I see someone entering the woman’s bathroom looking like a man,’ he says.

Jessica  told Dallas Observer that she was born and identifies as female, and has no plans to change that.

‘I look very much like a girl,’ she said. ‘I’m not trying to  transition, nothing like that.’

Confusion Not New To  Jessica

Jessica also shared that it’s not the first time she’s mistaken as the opposite gender. Once she was the crafts shop, Hobby Lobby, and a woman accosted her for going to the bathroom that her granddaughter was using.

Rush added that phases like ‘Mom, there’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom!’ are what she would often hear kids say when they see her at the malls’ (shopping centre) bathroom.

However, once when Jessica tried to use the men’s bathroom at a bar because the women’s bathroom was full and she thought that people would mistake her as a guy anyway, she got angry responses, too.

‘”Whoa, there’s a chick in the bathroom! Get out, get out!” Jessica described the reaction of the men.Jessica  said that every bathroom confrontation only makes her feel super insecure.”

The world is a crazy place and getting crazier.  paula.

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