Nov 042016

Paula key here – riding on complete speculation and a dream fantasy.  With my real name, Pauline Gallagher, I hope and pray that my children’s ebook, “Belinda’s Dandelion” unites Republican Melania  Trump -and Democratic supporter, Oprah Winfrey for my book.   I have absolutely no dollar signs flashing in my eyes.  As a retired teacher, I want this book to unite America (What?) and have it in every school.

No ego here?  LOL.  But this story shows that a dandelion never thinks that it is a weed.  A black child, a child with disabilities, a Muslim child – is born with loving parents.  It has built a self-confidence that it is lovely and precious.   Enter the “garden” or school of “hard knocks” and this fragile child is battered and bruised by kids raised with prejudice, hatred, etc. etc.

Belinda's Dandelion a book about bullying, peer pressure, racism.  It can be read at different levels

Belinda’s Dandelion a book about bullying, peer pressure, racism. It can be read at different levels

In my short story, a dandelion and flowers wake up to their first look at life on earth’s planet.  The dandelion praises the flowers for their looks and personalities.  The flowers respond in love and praise the dandelion for having a head that resembles the sun – without the sun – no life would exist on earth.

This story is set in a garden, but it could be set in a kindergarten school.  Imagine, how hatred and bullying can easily enter the kindergarten.  It only takes ONE child to incite violence and bullying and mob rule.

In my story, it is a perennial that tells the flowers that weeds exist.  They may look like flowers but they are inferior.  Her family has fought wars against these inferior species.

I ask Melanie who has spoken about bullying to look at my ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple iBooks.  I ask Oprah to look at my story.  I am not a Pullitzer prize winner, but I have a gem to give to the world.   This was channeled through me – meaning that I do not claim to have been bright and creative to have produced this story.   My heart is pure.  If Oprah or Melanie wish to publish this story and place it in every school, I will willingly sign to not receive one cent as a royalty.

I hope someone is reading this who has connections.   Please, oh, please – there are children that are raise in love and others in hatred.   Help me – help us  make a difference.

Again, I write under my real name Pauline Gallagher on my website

For my adult stories and website, I write under paula key.

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