May 162013

The Hague, Netherlands, May 17, 2013 will hold the first INTERNATIONAL conference on gay emancipation.

I like the word “emancipation.”  It brings to mind the emancipation of slaves, the emancipation in 1960s of Afro-Americans in the United States, the emancipation of women (to vote), and other emancipation that have made our world  more human.  Now, it is our turn to be emancipated in the eyes of the world.  We have all done our “personal” emancipation.


Queen Maxima. Thanks.

The newly crowned Queen Maxima of the Netherlands will be at the opening of the conference.  (A queen amongst queens? LOL).  Seriously, thanks to Queen Maxima for her support.   Her presence will be noted world-wide.  (Rumours of the Pope attending the next conference are, just that, rumours. LOL).

Holland – First Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage is hosting.  Well done, Netherlands.  Details of the conference:

International developments involving the emancipation of gays will be the focus for two days during the first European edition of the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) conference that will start in The Hague on Thursday, 16 May. As the host country and initiator of the first edition of this top-level conference, The Netherlands will receive over 700 participants from home and abroad.


Flag of Netherlands.


The theme of the conference is: Joining Forces, Moving Forward; in Europe and beyond. At various venues in The Hague, in sub-sessions and workshops, participants in the IDAHO conference can enter into discussion with one another about how the emancipation of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people (LGBTs) can be improved at the European level, and what people can learn from each other.  There is an emphasis to pay attention to homophobia in the media.  Many participants have called homophobia on the internet, a dangerous virus, to be eliminated world-wide.

IDAHO Participants

Minister Jet Bussemaker (Emancipation) will represent the Dutch cabinet. She will be the conference host and will receive fellow ministers from countries including Finland, the UK, Belgium and Sweden. In addition, delegations from the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, international military and law enforcement LGBT networks, human rights activists, leading municipalities and students will be participating in the conference. HRM Queen Máxima will be present at the official IDAHO meeting in the Hall of Knights on Thursday evening, 16 May.


Rainbow flag – proud and loud.

This operation represents the start of the 2013 International Day Against Homophobia campaign, which culminates on May 17. Under the theme Fight the Homophobia Web Virus on the Internet and in social media, the campaign aims to educate users of these technologies about the damages caused by cyber-homophobia.

This high profile conference proves that we are winning.  Our cause is noble and just. Continue to be proud.  paula.

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