Sep 132015

 How to Be Happy in a Materialistic World

Buy! Buy!   I want….I want...Give me, Give me.

You are NOT your brain. There is a part of the brain that is never satisfied – it needs more stuff! When the stuff is purchased, the brain needs more. It is up to you to control your brain.  Go to that part of the brain that is rational – ask the questions below.


  1. Are material things really more important than anything else?
  2. Is material success the highest goal?
  3. If things are all there are, what’s life all about?
  4. Why am I here at all?
  5. If life is really just about materialism, why should I even try to live a moral life?
  6. What does it matter how I treat others or how I live, as long as I have what I want?

What the Studies Show.

Study after study shows that buying stuff doesn’t make us happy. More importantly, we’re actually unhappy when we put too much value on material objects. There is the “that’s unfair’ attitude that is hidden deep inside our brain – in the ego section. When somebody has more than us, we feel we have less. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy or depression. “Look at her, she’s beautiful and that got her a rich partner!” Sometimes, we become negative

and have to blame someone for our perceived “lack of ESSENTIAL THINGS.”   If I had more education….If I had not been born to alcoholic or ignorant parents….If I had better looks or intelligence, etc. etc. In looking back into the past, we miss the great free gifts of life: friendship, moonlit nights, birds singing, the mountain, the countryside, the seaside.

 Get Perspective

If you have a job, home, some money and good health, you are far ahead of most of the world’s people. While we yearn after luxury items, a woman is carrying unclean water on her head so that she can cook on a fire for her family. While we wish for better furniture, some family is sleeping on the streets. While we want a bigger and better fridge, some families will not eat today.

This is not a leture. You know if you need to upgrade furniture, be it beds or fridges – you are free to do so. Things wear out, break and need replacing. All I am writing about is your mind and my mind set: Do we live out “attitude and gratitude”?

Whether you drive a second hand car or a Ferrari, it still works on wheels and both will reach their destination. Wine that costs several hundred dollars a bottle is still grape juice! What goes on inside that gorgeous mansion?  Look at the moon, you get the same view as a billionaire!  Be your own billionaire – consider how rich you really are!  Look around you – Look within you.  Be alive is richness itself.


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