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Paula here.   My mother survived two cancers and I know the ravaging affects of chemotherapy first hand.

It is with the utmost sadness that I blog this disgraceful event. It occured as a result of North Carolina’s hateful bathroom laws prohibing transgendered persons from using the bathroom of their choice.

Once hatred and fear is injected into personal lives, a community or a nation, only more of the toxic thinking and acting will occur. And now, not only the transgendered community victims, but heterosexuals. Here is a sad case.

Christie Saucedo – Cancer Survivor

On her Facebook post, Christie became a victim of North Carolina’s hatred. Imagine, knowing the doubtful outcome of having stage three invasive ductal carcinoma which is similar to breast cancer. To save her life at 30 years of age, Christie agreed to a double mastectomy. This woman, like many other cancer survivors, is a HERO. She faced her cancer knowing that her children depended on her surviving it!


When Looks are Deceptive

Christie has now been taken as a transgendered woman, leading to an onslaught of transphobic abuse. If we go back to Nazi Germany, as soon as Hitler started his hatred against Jews, ordinary people sought out Jews and questioned people about their heritage

 Hatred breeds hatred; love breeds love.   Back in the 1950-60s, a white man called John Howard Griffin did an experiment. He died his entire body black and found rampant discrimination.

images-3He was ordered to use a “coloured bathroom.

‘He wrote a book, “Black Like Me.” Cindy, like John Howard Griffin is now feeling what it is like to be         stared at –

“Is she a woman or is she a transgendered woman?”

Cindy has posted a picture of her body. She adds, “ I don’t feel weird doing it. There is nothing sacred or sexual left to see.”

Despite the operation saving her life, Saucedo says a number of people have since mistaken her for a transgender woman – leading to a onslaught of transphobic abuse.

Under a photo of her naked chest – with the words ‘THIS IS BREAST CANCER’ – written across, she writes: “Take a good hard look at my chest.

The HB2, Transgender Bathroom Bill,” is an act in North Carolina that insists on transgender people only using the bathroom that complies with their birth certificates.   Where do they think transgendered

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