Sep 292017

\Mary Lambert grew up poor in Everett, Washington State, U.S.A.   She was raised a strict Pentecostal, but wrote the chorus for “Same Love” as a Christian lesbian.    She worked as a brunch waitress and did bar tending.  Yet, music was the real calling of her life.  Luckily for Mary, she had a friend, Hollis Wong Wear, who had sung on the Macklemore  and Lewis album, “White Walls.”  Hollis knew that the duo was looking for a chorus to “Same Love”

No Time to Waste!

Hollis informed Mary that Macklemore was sending her a track to “Same Love” and she had two hours to reply with a chorus.  The duo was on a tight schedule.   According to Mary, she got off the phone, ran across the street to the bar where she worked and explained the situation.  She ‘sabered a bottle of champagne with a sword, and then said somet hing like this, “Okay, I’ve gotta fucking write this thing – Priorities!”

The Chorus: Unbelievable!

Mary ‘aced’ the challenge and gave the world a beautiful and truthful chorus.

She was nominated for two Grammy awards for “Song of the Year” and “Album of the Year” with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Mary’s Life Played a Big Part in her Success

Macklemore, Mary, Madonna, Lewis, Queen Latifa at the 58th Grammys

The fact that Mary grew up poor is a challenge in itself, but there were other hurdles that could have floored someone for life!   She abused drugs and alcohol before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  This challenge she overcame and still had the heart and soul of a poet – the desire to write songs.  On top of these incredible challenges, Mary survived a gang rape at the age of 17 years.  What an inspirational life!  Go on, Mary, inspire us – push us – nourish us.  In return, we send our love to you in thankful and unending waves.



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