Apr 192013

Martina when I first saw her in Toronto.


Years ago, I was at a tennis championship match in Toronto.   Martina Navratilova walked within four feet of me.  She was ranked the highest singles champion This blond athlete, tall and fit, brought tennis to a new level with her speed, aggression and flexibility.  I cursed myself for not having a camera with me.

She was a left-handed player who demolished her opposition in single and double matches. Navratilova has won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, 31 major women’s doubles titles (an all-time record), and 10 major mixed doubles titles

Martina was already a publicly out lesbian, more as a result of a palimony law suit involving  a former Miss Texas, Judy Nelson.  For me, it was wonderful to see one of the few celebrity lesbians within four feet of me.

At this time, Martina, was in a relationship of author, Rita Mae Brown.   I had the lesbian novel, “Rubyfruit Jungle” who was a strong feminist and proud lesbian. Martina has also been a strong advocate for gay rights and human rights in general.

Rita Mae and Martina separated.  Later, Martina formed a relationship of seven years with Toni Layton.  Unfortunately, this also ended in a bitter out-of-court settlement.


Martina and Julia

For the past six years, Martina (56) has found love with a Russian who was the last Miss Soviet Union.  Julia Lemigova (41) is a successful business woman who lives in Paris, with her two daughters.  Now, Martina is part of the family.

Martina and Julia, may you spend many happy and fulfilling years together.

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