Apr 202013

Karina – Heart Stopper!

Karina Lombard – Marina on L-Word

Heart be Still!  That’s what I thought when I first saw the character, Marina, on Season 1 of the L-Word.  This knock-out beauty, daughter of a medicine woman of the Lakota Nation, used her ‘charms’ to seduce Jenny Scheter ([played by Mia Kirshner) by backing Jenny into a bathroom.  The kiss was sensational and Jenny (just coming out of the closet) was smitten as were millions of lesbian viewers.

Karina Lombard emits sensuality.  She is a strong woman with large dark eyes and a sensuous voice.  Karen was born in Tahaiti where her mother, Nupuree Lightfoot, was living.  Her early life is very interesting.  Her father, Henry Lombard, is an European aristocrat of Russian, Italian and Swiss descent.  When Karina was one year old, her parents separated and her father took Karina and sisters and brother to live on his estate in Barcelona, Spain.  She attended Swiss boarding schools and gained proficiency in Spanish, English, Italian, French and German.  She came to New York when she was eighteen to model and study acting.  She became a successful model with her first break as a Calvin Klein model that had a Native American theme.

Politics on Season 1 of the L-Word lead to Marina’s character attempting suicideUnknown-1 and a husband appearing on the scene to remove Marina to Europe.  Fans protested loud and clear.  I believe Marina came back for Season Four, so  I have to catch up on my L-Word viewing.

The last time I checked the internet, Karina was single.  She has been married and refuses to state her sexuality with others.  Now, I’m off to buy Season 4 of the L-Word and will attempt not to drool in front of my spouse.



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