May 152015

Unknown-5If you asked me my favourite L-Word actress it would be Marina hands down.  The sultry and seductive Marina was born in Tahiti in 1969, but where is she now?  You may have seen her as  Geneviève in Rescue Me, and Isabelle Two in Legends of the Fall.  Her real name is Karina Lombard.

bathroom seduction - Marina and Jenny

bathroom seduction – Marina and Jenny

Back to the L-Word, do you remember the scene when Marina closed the bathroom door and seduced Jenny in a passionate kiss?  Whatever was the politics on the L-Word, I and many others, objected strongly to Marina being pulled from the show.

Now, if you are a producer, take it from me, that Karina is hot and should be in a lesbian movie, and failing that, I’ll settle from a straight role for her.

Karina we miss you.



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