May 252015

images-7Mariela Castro Espín (born July 27, 1962) is the director of the  Cuban National Centre for Sex Education in Havana and an activist for LGBT rights in Cuba.

Mariela: Tirelessly Working Overseas
Her father is the President of Cuba and his brother is Fidel Castro.  Mariela has worked hard to champion LGBTI rights in many countries.  She is seen here at the 2010 Pride Parade in Hamburg, Germany.

Mariela Castro at the 2010 Pride parade in Hamburg

Aids Prevention

Thanks to Mariela and her group of supporters, Aids patients received medicine and support.  She also spearheaded Aids awareness and prevention.

Transgender Surgery

Mariela in  2005 she proposed a project to allow transgender persons to receive sex reassignment surgery and change their legal gender. The measure became law in June 2008 which allows sex change surgery for Cubans without charge.

Other Associations

Mariela Castro is president of the Cuban Multidisciplinary Centre for the Study of Sexuality, president of the National Commission for Treatment of Disturbances of Gender Identity, member of the Direct Action Group for Preventing, Confronting, and Combatting AIDS, and an executive member of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS). She is also the director of the journal Sexología y Sociedad, a magazine of Sexology edited by her own National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX).

The Scholar at Work

Mariela has published 13 scholarly articles and nine books.  She is currently married to  Italian Paolo Titolo, General Manager of Amorim Negócios Internacionais, S.A. in Cuba, and has two children with him, and a daughter from her previous marriage with the Chilean former FPMR party member Juan Gutiérrez Fischmann.

We thank Mariela for her care and devotion to the LGBTI community.


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