May 252017

 Margaret Court – Ignorant Pastor and Qantas

Margaret Court was a great Australian tennis player in the 1970s.  She is now a pastor in Perth, Australia.  Like so many – evangelical right-wing clerics, she is dismally ignorant of both the Bible and modern science.

Boycotting Qantas


I love gays – but not the way they live. I don’t accept that the World Psychiatric Association states homosexuality cannot be changed. WPA states homosexuality is NOT a choice – I know it is because although Jesus never mentions it – it is written in the Bible back 3,500 years ago.

In a public letter to the airline Qantas, Court openly opposes same-sex marriage.  She erroneously states that the Bible definition of marriage is between ‘one man and one woman.’

Actually, if she just opened the front of her Bible and started with Genesis and read on – she would note that marriage between Old Testament figures is largely between one man and many wives or ——one man, many wives and concubines.   As she spreads her hatred, she has the audacity to end  the letter to the newspaper with “God bless.”   I would like to point out that one of the abominations in Leviticus is stirring up anamosity.   Strange isn’t it that she probably eats bacon and shrimp and wears two different cloths on her body – all abominations.  But, if she states that Jesus has wiped away these Old Testament laws – then the homosexual one should be wiped away also.

Taking Bible Literary

This is a stupid way to interpret the complexities of the Bible.  While some writings hold the wisdom of time – others are customary to a given era.  We must view the Bible in its historical context.  Can you take Noah and the flood on all its writings ?  Did Samson slay thousands by the jaw bone of an ox?

Homosexuality, Science and the Bible

Jesus never mentions homosexuality, but asks us not to “lust.’  Paul speaks of pagan temple orgy rituals where ‘women lust after women.’  The historical culture of that time in Greece worshipped sex and the goddess blessed those who engaged in orgies.  Since the majority of women would be heterosexual, then were certainly going ‘against their nature” as Paul records.

These writings address sexual orgies and not committed same-sex relations – something, Paul would not have known – living nearly two thousand years ago.

World Psychiatric Association

The above association of scientists were well aware of people like Margaret Court who uses religion to degrade homosexuals.  Yes, if equal rights are not afforded to gays, then they are unequal or degraded.

In March 2016, the WPA wrote a declaration to the United Nations and world leaders.  In an effort to stop the killings, beatings and imprisonment of gays, they stated as a scientific body that their research over the years has found homosexuality to be another form of sexual orientation.  They stated clearly that since homosexuality CANNOT be changed, it is therefore NOT a choice.

What is a choice, is two homosexuals committing in marriage to one another.  “God is Love.” (John 1).

It is unjust and ungodly to use religion to force opinions and norms on others.  God gave us consciences and free will.  Margaret Court is doing everything that is against the Jesus that I know and love.

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