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hillary-clinton-x750Paula here.  It has been the the historic role of many males to lambast a woman’s leadership and equate it with the word “Bitch.”  When male bosses are tough, they are linked mainly to this word – “Leader.”  When a woman boss is tough – her leadership qualities are dismissed and she is classified as a “Bitch.”  Sadly, it is also females that join the men in putting down their own.

Hillary Clinton is “head and shoulders” over Donald Class in everything but wealth.  When we look at Trump’s legacy of six bankruptcies and failing to pay contractors and workers, his wealth may not be his asset.

Speaking Voice

At the Republican Convention, Trump was his usual ‘classless’ self – shouting insult after insult towards Hillary.  As Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go higher.”  Trump shouted false promises and he shouted words of fear and division.  His voice wasn’t an issue! As Joe Biden said, “He is clueless.”

Hillary, a brilliant lawyer and a woman with over 40 years of service to others, was criticized by ignorant Republicans for her voice.  Yet, she  presented ideas and a platform for what she intended to do as President.  Trump has no plan – he makes vague statements, but no plan.

Over to Fox Media:  The Station of “Morals.” LOL.

I mention ‘morals’ because its head resigned suddenly when women began to accuse him of sexual harassment.

UnknownFox’s Brit Hume had a lot of opinions about Clinton’s speech, all about her delivery. “She has a habit, when speaking, of breaking into kind of a sharp, lecturing tone,” said the pundit on-air. Her delivery sounded like one is being “called into the principal’s office to be read the riot act,” Hume told his viewers,  reported. “She has a great asset as a public person, which is a radiant smile, but she has a not-so-attractive voice,” said Hume, without any irony at all.   Notice, nothing to state about her ideas!   Why Brit, did you not compare and contrast Trump’s ideas and policies with those of Hillary.  You couldn’t – could you?  He has no ideas or policies – except vague ideas that will divide America.

Well, Brit Hume, how would you describe Trump’s voice –  These words all seem to fit him perfectly: blaring, booming, roaring, thundering, – and his stance and entry into the convention:  garish, lurid, showy, ostentatious.

And Brit Hume, here is how I would describe his personality: oafish, coarse, uncouth, ill-bred, ill-mannered, uncivilized, unrefined, thuggish.

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“I can’t stand her voice,” wrote Fox News commentator Greg Gutfeld. He added later, “Even when she says, ‘you know,’ it’s recited like a windup doll.” Plus: “She’s like an Chinese restaurant at 11 pm: no delivery” abd “To best express Hillary’s delivery in print: you need lower case, middle case, upper middle case, then upper case, then loud super case.”

All I can add is that these commentators at Fox News are REQUIRED to be negative.  Their television ratings would drop, if they dared to praise a female Democrat who will be the next President.  Enough complaints would come from Republican viewers to lead to a pink slip.  However, what are Republican educated and talented women thinking – when they hear this garbage?  I hope many of them will vote for Hillary for their own lives and for their daughter’s future.   As Hillary said, “When the glass ceiling is removed, you can see the stars.”

Just a few add-ons.

–Member of the Hiring Board:  He’s a brilliant surgeon, but I just don’t like his voice.

–Father to daughter:   “No, I feel that you just can’t marry him.  He may be a successful lawyer, and he may care for the poor,  but I just don’t like his voice.

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