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Uh, I didn't know it was a GAY flag, I just like to burn people's flag - What does the USA flag look like?

Uh, I didn’t know it was a GAY flag, I just like to burn people’s flags – What does the USA flag look like.  Do we have a flag?

Paula:  I am always astounded when a criminal comes up with an excuse that 99% of people would find unbelievable.  Perhaps, in the case of Cameron Mayfield (right), it started when he told a teacher “the dog ate my assignment!”

We have a right to fly a rainbow flag.

We have a right to fly a rainbow flag

Before stealing a Gay Pride flag from a lesbian couple’s home in Omaha, Nebraska, setting it on fire and waving it in the street, Cameron Mayfield walked passed several houses with other flags that were flying.   He claimed that he didn’t know it was a gay flag.  Right!  What planet has he been living on?

Then, he hopped the couple’s front fence, yanked down the flag and returned to his house nearby, where he retrieved a gas can out of the garage. He drenched the flag with petrol/oil – set it on fire, and walked back to the couple’s home, where he waved the burning flag in the street.

However, in court this week, Mayfield claimed the March 1, 2015 incident wasn’t a hate crime, saying he didn’t realize it was a gay Pride flag and that he didn’t know the couple was gay. He said he thought the flag was just a spring ornament, according to Omaha.com.   Yeah, so he also burns gnomes, garden ornaments, etc?

Fortunately, the judge didn’t buy it, convicting Mayfield of a felony hate crime arson charge. Mayfield faces up to two years in prison or five years of probation at sentencing in August.

The victims, Ariann Anderson and Jessica Meadows-Anderson (above), said Mayfield’s actions sent an obvious message.

“Had the man who burned our gay pride flag burned our Husker flag, (sports team) we would have still called the police — but we wouldn’t have felt as threatened,” they said. “We wouldn’t have wondered ‘what’s next?’ What became so clear to us after Saturday night, is that the intent really does make a difference. Seeing him waving that burning symbol of a controversial, and inherent part of our being(s) as a minority, in front of our house as a clear message, made it scary. It made it an attack as opposed to a prank.”

Final comments:  Not only has Cameron Mayfield lied about not knowing what a rainbow flag looked like, but the whole incident clearly views him as a homophobic idiot – who thought it was o.k to actually wave the flag in front of the lesbians’ home.  His lawyer called Cameron’s actions “a drunken prank” yet he was sober enough not to burn gnomes, and spring garden ornaments or other flags.  He is a homophobic liar and regardless of the sentencing outcome – it is sending a clear message – The LGBTI community is not a football to be kicked around.


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