Aug 272013

May, 2013  Malaysian officals have confiscated a Muslim book entitled


Allah Liberty and Love


Irshad Manji.

“Allah Liberty and Love,” written by Irshad Manji.  This woman claims to be a faithful woman who sees everyone as created by God and that God makes no mistakes in His creation.  Manji hopes to open the dialogue with Muslims and their stance on homosexuality.

Manji, a Uganda-born author with Candian citizenship in unapologetic in her defense of the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

She has challenged those of the Muslim faith to explain how Allah, in all His glory, could have made ‘misfits or abominations.”

Manji quotes the Quaran as saying, “everybody is a delibate act of creation on God’s part.  So even gays and lesbians have been created by God.

This is a brave statement when Malaysian law can punish homosexual activities with up to 20 years in prison.  As stated in the article, Malaysia and Indonesia are Muslim countries.

I feel that no religion or culture should be able to take away human rights as they are enshrined in the United Nations Charter of Rights.

When does a religion and I am including the major ones, stop and look at what science is saying about homosexuality?

World Wide psychiatrists have stated that homosexuality is NOT –  a) a disease  b) a mental illness  c) a perversion – and- they have stated that it cannot be reversed by therapy, this then lays to rest the notion, often claimed by religious extremists that it is a choice.

These facts by the medical and scientific community seems to back up Manji’s  Quaran’s quote as stated in paragraph two of this article.

Religions need to be a force of unity and love.  The word “Islam” means peace.   Jesus spoke about peace by asking everyone to love one another.

Now the media can inform the world where hatred and intolerance raises its head.  Religion and culture must never remove basic human rights for all.


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