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Move out of the shade and into the sun!

Move out of the shade and into the sun!

Paula here.     “The glass is either half empty or half full!”  This famous statement is a challenge to each one of us.  How do we view the world?   How do we view ourselves?  Do we strive to make things happen -or, before we start – we have already come up with a list of negative thoughts that tell us – we can’t do it or it would never work!

Thomas Edison was an incredible inventor of things.  We have to thank him for inventing the light bulb.  Thomas is on record of having failed to invent the light bulb in over hundreds of attempts!  Many of us would have quit well before twenty attempts.

Babe Ruth was an American legend in the baseball world.  He held the record for home runs – (a home run is when you can hit the ball out of the playing field and into the stands where spectators are sitting).  Babe Ruth told reporters that he failed more times to hit home runs than he was able to complete the task!  Imagine if every time Babe Ruth came up to bat, he told himself, “I won’t be able to hit a home run, because I have failed more times that I have hit a home run!”

Make A List of Things to Be Accomplished

Don't let anyone put you down or keep you from achieving your goals

Don’t let anyone put you down or keep you from achieving your goals

You must be in control of your destiny.  It is your life – don’t hide in the shadows – go out into the sunshine and enjoy life.   Many of us put others before us.  We sacrifice for them.  We take second place to them.  While loving and supporting others is a noble virtue, it cannot consume us.  Each one of us has the right to be happy.  Loving ourselves is NOT selfish or egotistical.  Even Jesus told us that we must love our neighbour (family, friends, strangers) to the same degree that we love ourselves.

What are you waiting for?

I remember an Irish women who told me that she wished she had gone to America.  She looked after her mother while her four brothers got married and had kids.  She did not marry or have kids.  The mother had just died and this woman was middle aged and bitter.  Why did she feel she had to look after her mother to the detriment of her own life?  This is just my opinion, but she should have shared her mom and her needs between her four brothers.  The five of them should have been responsible and not just the one sister!

Travel - there are cheap ways to accomplish it

Travel – there are cheap ways to accomplish it

Make a list of your goals and dreams

  1. Be realistic.  You might wish to become a movie star but that is unrealistic for most people.  You might wish to study acting and join a local theatre group.  If you are truly good at acting, who knows how it might pay off.
  2. Your list should not have too many goals.   Just settle, for say, five.
  3. List positive reasons for ways to achieve these goals.  No negative thoughts!
  4. Take small steps towards implementing them.
  5. Visualize them happening.  If you wish to travel – get a post card or download pictures of your dream vacations/holidays.   Read up about your country of choice.  Listen to music from that country.  You might also have fun learning the language.
  6. Don’t give up – Remember Edison and Babe Ruth.
  7. Write down things that you have accomplished – that will encourage you.
  8. Be careful of sharing these dreams because there are always people who will give you negative reasons why it won’t happen – (it’s too expensive, too difficult, – or, you’re too young, or too old,etc)
  9. Find someone that has the same dreams – it might be a group.

Life has been given to you as a gift.   Unwrap it and treasure it.

Good luck.


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