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Paula here.   If you, like me, are an ethical person (with faults), Donald Trump may have been part of your television viewing.   It has been noted by impartial groups that Trump lies about 70% of the time or

7 out of 10 times he speaks.   So of his lies are blatant, but others are misquotes of information or associating a person like his victim with the victim.   Look, regardless of politics and Trump, people who are striving to be decent and honest have a hard times with lies.   Jesus called the Devil (Satan) the Father of Lies.


Lies Have Hurt You and Me

I lost a home because a lover lied to me. You can tally up your own

hurts/injuries with liars you have known. In my case, my ex. lover went on to be a “minister” who could marry gays. This really hit me as incredidbly deceitful.   However, that’s my story!


Inability to Deal with a Liar

Straights and gays have suffered from break ups of relationships. That’s part of life. If your partner/wife/husband was honest with you – then the break up is considerably less painful. It is the lies more than the break up that hurts. We have trusted our lover and when lies enter the picture it is a devastating hurt.   There are few way to deal with a cheating liar. Excuses seem to come with the lies.   “You made me do this!” or “I met someone who doesn’t do this to me” – and they list your faults to justify their dishonesty!


Is Lying Becoming a Way of Life?

As a Canadian, I am watching Donald Trump from a distance. I do check his lying ratings. He is not the only person willing to lie to climb higher on the scale of achievement or to get what he/she wants.   We have to say NO to this unhealthy and un-soulful way of living. We have to look at this “cancer” and dissect it.   We have to discuss it with our partner, friends, family, children and grandchildren. We have to stress that integrity is worth fighting for and taking a stand each time a liar raises his or her ugly head.   Please don’t be “lukewarm” or indifferent.

Each of us makes a difference.   Say NO to lies whenever it raises its ugly head. Thank you,.


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