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My wife, Trish, and I will be in Australia in April, 2015 and I’m contacting our friends NOW so that they can  record the drama for us.  The series is called  THE CODE.

Lucy lawless plays an Outback teacher in The Code

Lucy lawless plays an Outback teacher in The Code

It’s been twelve years since I took in every inch of Lucy’s Xena warrior figure.  If you saw the Xena series, you have to admit that Lucy Lawless was simply gorgeous – mouth watering – if you ask me.

Lucy is a Kiwi.

Now, in case you did not know, Lucy Lawless is a Kiwi.  She told the New Zealand and Australia media, that her country (NZ) is embroiled in a political scandal.  There is an election just three weeks away (Oct. 2014) and yet, since the news of this drama, Lucy’s twitter feed is blogged about her new acting series.  There are Xenas fans everywhere.

The L Word and Xena  








Lesbians over the years have been able to watch the L Word and new movies, but how can you compare any character in the L Word with Xena.  I know, you are not supposed to do the comparison.   My mouth watered over and my friends got unglued over Shane, but Xena with those long legs in battle dress was the ultimate turn on.  Lesbians, like myself, either wanted to emulate the strength o Xena or imagine being seduce by this rapturous figure that is all body and legs.  Heart be still.

How Many Years Ago?

What a package!

What a package!

Xena actually first aired 19 years ago in 1985.   That ages most of us who saw the series (I was very, very young at the time).

The Code airs on Australian ABC and I am sure they will have great ratings.  Lucy plays an outback teacher.  I love the Outback (Have you read my lesbian ebook – Jo of the Outback?”

Why not?   Oh, you have – good on ya, mate.!


Lucy and a straight male reporter seem to let the sparks fly – and – I want to complain!  At least make her bi-sexual!!!

Any way, I’m going to watch the series and with my vivid and wicked imagination, I’m going to write my own script for Lucy – at least in my mind.  Somewhere in the Outback is just the woman for Lucy!  Any let me tell you, if this was for real – the line up or queue would stretch from Alice Springs to Darwin.  paula.

Memories that are so sweet!

Memories that are so sweet!

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