Mar 212013


Viet Cong liked to attack by night. It was a volunteer army of citizens who worked by day and often fought by ni

Dee was asleep for a couple of hours, when she woke to the reality of being under attack. Her eyes looked towards the window and she saw  on her clock, that it was 3.35 a.m.

Shells whizzed through the night air and exploded.  She rushed to the caged window and saw the belching smoke and flames billowing out from an oil drum.  Soldiers were frantically removing vehicles from the area.

“Stay away from windows!”  A voice shouted in the darkness.

Two hands grabbed her shoulders and took her to the floor.

They sat looking at  each other, the fires outside illuminating the outline of their faces.

“Hi, I’m Jessie. Grab your flak and pot.”

Dee recognized the face of the nurse sleeping on the couch when she first arrived.

“Hi, Dee – just arrived!”

Dee fumbled with the vest.  Jessie placed the helmet on Dee’s head. In the distance, heavy bombardment thundered incessantly.

Jessie headed for the door.

“Follow me, Dee.  Do what I do.  With that kind of fire power,we can expect incoming wounded. All medical personnel will be on duty.”



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