May 292016
Louie with a Lose Screw!

 Louie with a Lose Screw!

I refuse to refer to refer to congressman Louie Gohmert as stupid, even though he has made some ridiculous comments. This is a man who has an agenda – to hate the LGBTI community. Did I mention he is a Christian?


40 Chosen Straight People into a Spaceship


Here is his latest scenario – and it does paint Louie as unstable.  On the floor of Congress this is what mad Louie said.

He spoke of an asteroid coming to end all life on earth. He likened it to Matt Damon’s movie, “Mars” where humans would have to plant a colony. (Now, Matt Damon was already on Mars and got stranded there, and he came back to earth).   HOWEVER, in Louie’s warped brain this asteroid would somehow did earthlings time to blast off and start a colony.

Now, I dont’ know about you – but I see chaos. Who would be chosen to get into a space ship? What would they take with them for planting a new colony?  How many spaceships?  Lou wants to take 40 people to space – think of the professional needs for a new space colony: farmers, doctors, educators, scientists,  – on, and on the list would go

Wait a minute, this is the same man who voted against recruiting WOMEN SCIENTISTS

Has he forgotten that Sally Ride commanded a NASA space shuttle?  She was in a 27 year relationship with Tammy O’Shaughnessy, a professor.

Sally Ride Commander of NASA space shuttle

Sally Ride Commander of NASA space shuttle



27 years of commitment – Sally and Tammy


What you brought music by Tchaikovsky and art by Michelangelo and Da Vinci. That’s not allowed – they were gay!  And NO ellen videos. No music by Elton John, Melissa, or  kd lang, and no Apple computers!



If you are GAY come out NOW!

Are there spaceships ready for this asteroid.   Oh, don’t ask questions, Louie in’t interested, he just want s to rant again against the LGBTI community. These spaceships MUST, he thinks, take only straight reproducing humans. Put in a gay or lesbian and life on Mars would fade out.

In the movie, Mars, Matt Damon was not   equipped to live long on Mars. He needed      oxygen and somehow, for a limited time – he grew vegetables.  Louie doesn’t even want  same-sex animals.  I boggles my mind to conceive of 40 people, animals, birds, insects (yes this earth would die out if we had no insects), fungus – sea life – OH, I HAD BETTER STOP NOW.

Louie and His 40 Straight Space Craft

I am not sure that there is a space craft in existence that can take Louie’s 40 straight persons. I am not sure if NASA has trained 40 people to build colonies on planets. If scientists thought of an asteroid ending humanity would they have not started building these colonies.


And Louie doesn’t want same-sex animals. I am just left with my imagination – a Space Craft able to accommodate Noah’s Ark.

The Hate Machine

This man, like Donald Trump, knows that there are ‘red necks’ living in his      own state of Texas. The majority of these people hate many people: gays, Mexicans, Afro-Americans, Communists, Nazis, Liberals, welfare recipients, single mothers, no-Christians –and the list goes on.,

The Hate Mentality

Think of the enthusiasm of fans of a particular sports club. They have a healthy enthusiasm – complete with happy faces, banners, sports wearing clothes and baseball caps. In stands for 99% of the time they can sit with the opposition team. Often, family members support opposite teams.

Now, look at those who follow Louie Gohmert. Could you seriously accept these statements?

Using the Mouth and Not the Brain

In 2014, he compared same-sex marriage supporters to Nazis.

In the same year, he stated that were useless at fighting because they required massages before battles.

Last year he suggested placing heterosexual and same-sex couples on an deserted island, returning ‘in 100 to 200 years and see which one nature says is the preferred marriage.’

2015: he suggested placing heterosexual and same-sex couples on an deserted island, returning ‘in 100 to 200 years and see which one nature says is the preferred marriage.

2016: In May, 2016 he slammed the Obama administration’s transgender rules for public schools.

His dismay at the guidelines isn’t that shocking (he is, after all, a Christian conservative).   When does ‘FREE SPEECH’ become a HATE CRIME?   Hitler’s free speech led to the holocaust.

PSST.  This man has publicly stated that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jnr. is NOT dead.

Will somebody please issue him with a straight jacket!




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