Dec 282016

This ebook was written for anyone who has lost a pet. It has a happy ending

Paula here.  I write under Pauline Gallagher for my children’s books- paula key is for my ‘naughty’ lesbian books that are posted on Amazon.  I am out to my family, but I work for a religious institute.

Anyway, two weeks before Christmas a friend downloaded my ebook “Unicorns Come at Night”for her small boy who had lost his dog.  She read it to him and showed him the pictures.  Now, he has unicorn pictures next to his deceased dog.  The fact that I could help ease the pain of this one child, was worth writing!   So, here I am passing the story on to you.  By the way, Michael the little boy I mentioned, got a new puppy for Christmas.=

Please support this ebook if you can.  If you download it to your iPhone, laptop, computer or kindle device and like it, would you add a few comments on the sites where you downloaded it.

If you know someone – young or old that has lost a pet would you buy it or refer them to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, etc.

I also have a powerful ebook on bullying called “Belinda’s Dandelion.”

This is a teaching book for kids who may be bulled – or bully – or who watch bullying.  I close a dandelion to represent “weeds” in the world of “flowers.”  No child is a “weed” or devalued  by the so-called “pretty flowers” of society. I am using weeds and flowers to show diversity.  In fact, dandelion weeds were exported to the Americas by early settlers as a form of medicine and wine.

Please support me in my endeavours.  My children’s site is  Pass this on as a learning site for children – go visit it yourself.  There is so much to learn for both adults and children.  Thanks.

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