Apr 102015


There was a young man named Gene

Who had a love-making machine

Concave and convex

It served either sex

And it played with itself in between.


I was told in the mountains of China

that girls from South Carolina

are a whole lot of fun,

but much like the nuns,

they won’t let men touch their vaginas.


There once was a pirate named Bates

Who attempted to rhumba on skates.

He fell on his cutlass

Which rendered him nutless

And practically useless on dates.


There was a young woman from Wheeling

Who claimed to lack sexual feelingT

il a dyke named Delores

Simply touched her clitoris

And she had to be scraped from the ceiling.


There once was a girl from Japan

who dreamed she was dating a man.

She woke with a start,

her hand on her heart,

just relieved that her “John” was a “Jan.”


 There once was a fellow from Yuma,

Who told an elephant joke to a puma.

Now his skeleton lies,

Under hot western skies,

The Puma had no sense of huma!

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