Here are some of my favorite Tomlin roles:images-26
  • Ernestine was a nosy, condescending telephone operator who generally treated customers with little sympathy. Ernestine often snorted when she let loose a barbed response or heard something salacious; she also wore her hair in a 1940s hairstyle with a hair net, although the character was contemporary. Ernestine was almost always at her switchboard taking calls in the sketches. She occasionally called her boyfriend, Vito, a telephone repair man, or her pal Phoenicia, another operator.

Tomlin as Edith Ann, 1975

  • Edith Ann is a precocious five-and-a-half year old girl who waxes philosophical on everyday life.  She sits in an over-sized rocking chair with her rag doll, Doris.  She often speaks about life with her battling parents and bullying older sister, Mary Jean.  This is a cute move because Lily’s real birth name is Mary Jean!  Add to the scene an aggressive dog named Buster and a boyfriend named Junior Junior Phillips. Lily often ended the scene with something like, “And this is the truth,” followed by her blowing a raspberry.
  • Tess/Trudy is a homeless bag lady who accosts theater-goers and various passers-by with her offbeat observations and tales of communications with extraterrestrials. (“They don’t care if you believe in ’em or not – they’re different from God.”)   SEE A SEPARATE BLOG “IN SEARCH OF INTELLIGENCE IN THE UNIVERSE”
Lily has starred in such films as:
Nashville, Nine to Five, All of Me, The Beverly Hillbillies, Orange County and Heart Huckabee and the Incredible Shrinking Woman.
My world has been made happier by knowing Lily.  My mind has become more humane and  I have delighted in this couple’s creative and funny lines.
Thanks, Jane and Lily.