Aug 032013

Looking good in a tux!

New York city ran out of tuxedos when Cris and Meg performed at Carnegie Hall in the 1970s.   It was a great celebration back then (as it would be now if they had a re-union).  Remember Ellen had not come out of the closet, nor had the following:  Rosie, Jane Lynch,  Melissa, Portia, kd lang -to mention just a few.

In Boston, I did have the pleasure of seeing women dressed this way when Lily Tomlin was performing her one-woman show. “The Search for Signs of  Intelligent Life in the Universe.”   I could not believe how wonderful these lesbians looked.  They took my breath away.

Back in Toronto, I bought my own tux and had great fun picking out various bow-ties.  At MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) in Toronto I loved to wear my tux to services.  I remember being at a ‘straight’ concert and overhearing a straight woman say about me, “My, I never thought about wearing a tux – she looks great.”  (And I did!).   If you feel good – you look good.

There are incredible and notable women who have worn a tux.  Here is Madonna sporting a Marlene Deitrich look.


And here is Marlene.45669 in the 1930 movie, Morocco.

I’d show you a picture of me wearing my tux, but my spouse Trish does not want my blog over-run with requests for a copy (LOL) I’m just kidding…well?  Paula (ha. ha. ha)

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