Sep 212016

Paula here.   We know that the greatest classroom on earth is life well lived and the ability to keep learning.


Here are some well-known life lessons that are worth repeating.

—A rough road often leads to a beautiful destination.images-4


—The harder I work, the more LUCK I have.


—No amount of money can buy integrity and character.



—We should be glad that we don’t get everything we want!



—It is the small things that happen everyday that makes my

life memorable.


—Two words to enshrine – ATTITUDE and GRATITUDE.


–“Life is like a box of chocolates.”



—Even the hardest person has a need (at times) to be loved and to love.


—Each day brings a new beginning.



—Nobody can put me down unless I give them permission.


—A friend will help you in trouble, but a true friend will be at your side saying, “We really messed up this time,” or “this has happened to me and I’m there for you!”


—Going back to the past, keeps you away from the present.

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