Feb 202013

Dee thought of an animal spirit guarding a person and wondered what kind of animal or bird would protect her.

“I like that it’s an eagle guarding you,”  Dee responded, “higher vision, and the ability to soar above it all.”

Skip responded.  “No earth bushes, or grass to tie eagles down.  We are not earth bound, we fly, with Mother Wind taking us as high as we wish to go.”

Her warm smile made Dee melt, but the next remark made her blush.

“Dee, how high are you willing to fly?”

Skip opened the door and they walked down the hospital corridor. for her  Dee felt a nervousness that was close to joy.

Dee asked, “Screaming Eagle?

Skip laughed.  “I had colic as a baby, and evidently I screamed around the clock!”

Dee laughed and Skip sopped in front of her.

“Will you join me for a drink in the Officers’ Mess, I’ll fight off the Major Surgeon if you wish?”

“I’d like a drink with you.  I can fight off the Major myself.”

“Wolf spirit.” Skip said and stood close to Dee.  She whispered, “See you tonight, minoi.”images

Dee’s heart was racing.  She decided look up the Vietnamese word.  She thought it was an affectionate term. It might be sweetheart, darling or just friend

Inside the nurses’ rooms, the new arrival sleft for several hours. Everyone wanted to visit the Officers’ Mess.  Refreshed, they applied make up and chose a dress.  Dee hated wearing dresses but she had no option.  She wore a light blue dress that complimented her figure and her deep blue eyes.   She chose to let her blond hair hang lose.The night was hot, and in the distance, the sky was filled with bursts of fire power and explosions.

Two doctors introduced themselves to the women and ordered two waiting jeeps to act as a shuttle service. Dee was sandwiched between two of the doctors, one could have easily sat upfront.

“It’s like this most nights.” One of the doctors noted. “Charley likes to surprise us in the dark.  He works by day.  He could be the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, but at night he is loyal to Ho Chi Min.”

“Any of you nurses married or engaged?” Sam asked.

Mike joined in. “Over here, we don’t care too much about stuff like that!”

The doctors laughed.

“We may not be here for a long time!” Sam sang.

And the two of them sang, ”But, we’re here for a good time!”


The Officers’ Club was crowded and a juke box blared above the shouts and whoops of people letting off steam.

Sue whispered to Dee.

“There’s half a dozen women here and none of them are in dresses.”

“You should have asked Screaming Eagle about suitable attire.”  Sophia suggested.

Dee regretted mentioning the captain.  However, if the Captain came over and treated her as a long lost friend, Sophia and Sue might be suspicious.

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