Mar 012013


“Ssh, Dee.”   Skip took Dee’s elbow and led her to a quiet place.

Dee frowned and was about to open her mouth again.

“Lieutenant, do not open your mouth, and that’s an order!”

‘It’s a free country!” Dee slurred her words.

“Shut up now, or I’ll have you arrested by the Military Police.”

Dee tried to remove Skip’s hand on her shoulder, but Skip pressed harder.

” I’ll not let you embarrass our profession.  Do you hear me?”

The word, ‘profession’ and dark angry eyes frightened Dee.

“Do you understand, Lieutenant?” Skip’s voice was sharp.

Dee blinked and nodded.

“Yes, Captain.”

Before either could speak again, there came an announcement from the stage.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Armed Forces, it gives me much pleasure to announce the engagement of our lovely Captain Skip to Bob of the Air Cavalry.  And now some words from Skip and Bob.”

Skip looked at Dee and back to the stage.

“Don’t worry, Captain, I’ll not make a scene. I wish you, and what’s his name, all the best. Go and become a nice wife and have a screaming eagle child..and…”

Dee got up and staggered towards the door.  Major Mike appeared and stopped her from swaying.  He put his arm around her waist, but moved it up so his arm was just below her breast, but a couple of fingers were stroking her nipple.  He whispered that he was taking her for a ride in a jeep.

“Don’t touch me.  Damn you, don’t ever touch me!”

Sue and the Colonel stopped dancing walked towards the couple.

Mike’s face was red.  He looked in the direction of anyone staring and indicated with a gesture of a pretend glass to his lips, that Dee had been drinking. Couples looked back and laughed.  A few officers gave Mike the thumbs up sign,.

“What’s going on, Major?” asked the Colonel.

“Sir, I never touched her.  I was being a gentleman, escorting her to a jeep with the intention of taking her back to the nurses’ quarters.  She’s a little intoxicated.  It’s probably the heat.”

Dee reacted. “You touched me several times.  Don’t lie!”

“And you swore.” Mike said angrily.  “I’d have you on report if you were on my ward. No lady swears.”

“Thank you, Major.  I’ll take over.  I’ll drive her and Lieutenant Montgomery to the nurses quarters.  They’re from the same unit.  Might as well kill two birds with the one stone, right?”

Mike seemed appeased.

The Colonel said loudly, “This nurse never swore, Major.  I think you were mistaken.”

Then, after the Major apologized, the Colonel said in a whisper, “Major, there’s rumors circulating.  If one comes to my attention, it will be YOU that will  be on report.  And, for the record, you never met  Lieutenant Dee. Do I make myself clear?”

Dee through the haze of smoke watched the Major return to the bar.

“Skip should have saved me! “Dee eyes filled with tears.

Sue intervened, “Colonel, what she means is that Captain Skip knows the Major and would have explained that Dee is not used to drinking.”

The Colonel indicated for Sue to take one arm, while he took the other.

“Let’s just get her to bed, and then we’ll talk. I’m concerned over her inappropriate behavior.”




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