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January 28, 1968 –Two Days Before TET, Vietnamese New Yearimages-5

9.30 a.m

I watched him walk away to his chopper.  His short black hair, athletic shoulders and tight butt.  I ache to explore every inch of my new love’s body.  I’m in love and I knew it the moment the ‘nylons joke’ was directed at me.  He is gorgeous, funny, witty and he wants me.  He told me he’d be kissing my lips at midnight-Eagle bring him to me.  I start my shift in half an hour.  I will work today in a number of places: surgery, intensive care and wherever I’m needed.

I said, “Happy, .Happy New Year, then the chopper took him away…No, he’s in my heart right now!”  I am so happy and so lucky.

Trung-uy Dee  P.S That’s Vietnamese for Lieutenant Dee.

Diary: January 29, 1968 – One Day Before TET New Year.

0.35 am – or 12.35 am. – Just a 13 hr  shift – I want to sleep, but I’m too exhausted.  The choppers brought in a dozen or so wounded.  I was not needed in surgery, although I did get introduced to three of the surgeons.  I watched an amputation (arm) that was grim, but surgery is something I do well.

The Intensive Care Unit, was a different challenge.  There was a constant flurry to check vital signs, put up new IV bags, and administer morphine.  Between jobs, Corpsmen Mike and Tony provided useful information.  They showed me fast and easy ways to attach catheters, hook chest tubes to suction machines and how to change oxygen tents.  The worst job was syringing out the foul secretions from abdominal wounds. Both Mike and Tony have picked up wounded soldiers on the battlefield.  I feel I now have two new friends.   We are having a small New Years Day   later today, or to be precise, tonight.  It will start around 10 pm.  Then, we’ll all hold our breath as the clock ticks to 12 pm.  We are all praying for a New Years Truce as Tet goes on for many days.     Dee (in love)images-9 and making a difference.   Love to family, too!

P.S.  The Mamma-sams did my laundry while I was working in I.C.U.  I probably won’t see them as they will be celebrating TET with their families.



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