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picturegallery3_clip_image002_0003Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia, has all the experience to help her understand the plight of gays and lesbians in her country in 2013. Settled by slaves, Liberia is now enslaving ‘homosexuals.’  Gays and Lesbians might as well be shackled like slaves, as on plantations in America.  Like slaves, homosexuals no personal rights to love the person they choose.  Now, legislation is on the books to introduce jail sentences for homosexual actions. (Senator Jewel Taylor, former wife of disgraced President Charles Taylor) proposed a bill that would result in a ten-year jail sentence for homosexual activities.  Hope no-one in Taylor’s family is jailed!). Her ex-husband, Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia was found guilty of 11 war crimes against humanity.  Is Senator Jewel Taylor heading in the same direction?


Liberia: settled by slaves from America
and other slave owning countries

  Why would a country like Libera, that can trace its ancestry to American slaves, want to take the freedom away from another human being.  The President, Ellen John Sirleaf, won a Nobel Peace Prize for championing the rights of women, why doesn’t she do it for homosexuals.  They are sons and daughters of Liberians and citizens of Liberia in their own rights.  The United Nations Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees all humans fundamental rights which should not be overturned by politics or relgions.

Reasons Why the President Should Have Empathy:

-She won the Nobel Peace prize in 2011 for championing the rights of women,who were often treated as second class citizens in African countries.  She knows that  the freedom of human rights is enshrined in the United Nations Charters of Rights and Freedoms.

-She speaks highly of morals in a country that embraces Christianity.  Jesus was a defender of human rights.  He told a story about the most despised and marginalized person of his day, the Samaritan, and made him the hero of the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  Samaritans were not only second class citizens without rights, they were considered to be unclean.  If the shadow of a Samaritan crossed over the shadow of a Jew, that Jew was required to be purified by priests in the Temple.

-President Sirleaf was imprisoned in 1980.  Now, her country wants to imprison the modern Samaritans (the LGBT people).

The President Walks a Tightrope:   It is my understanding that she will not sign these laws that will imprison homosexuals, yet she will not repeal the sodomy laws.  She is literary fence-sitting in my opinion, looking on like a bystander while hatred of homosexuals is fanned by evangelicals (paid by Britain and USA). Jesus told us to love one another, not just certain people in society.

Regarding Morals in Liberia.

The President is on record for not wanting to repeal the sodomy laws saying, “We like ourselves just the way we are…We’ve got certain traditional values in our society that we would like to preserve.”

My Words to the Hon. Madam President of Liberia:

With due respect, Madam President, homosexuals have inherent human values: honesty, pride, freedom of speech, freedom to love another person of his/her choice, truth, justice, etc. etc.

Madam President, with regard to not removing homosexuality from the criminal code of Liberia, you are on record as saying,  ‘we like ourselves just the way we are…’ well,

Madam President, I would argue that this was exactly the stance of the segregationists in the southern states of America up until the late 1960s.  They liked the ‘way things were’ until justice within laws set them free and pronounced them equal human beings.  These are your ancestors.  Do not let history repeat itself!

We are not free as a society until everyone is free.. The sodomy laws are taken from the Book of Leviticus (a 5,000 year text of over 100 abominations, the vast majority that are not kept today).

All the laws, according to Jesus, are condensed to three (interview with the lawyer and Jesus,).  Jesus told the lawyer to get into the Kingdom:  Love the Lord your God, Love your neighbour, love yourself.   As you know, the lawyer asked Jesus who was his neighbour and Jesus told the Story of the Good Samaritan.    So our neighbour is the women, Madam President, you fought for to obtain the Nobel Peace Prize, and your neighbour is every gay son, or lesbian daughter, of your country men and women.

They ALL your people.  Please guide and protect them.  God bless you, Madam President.


Footnote:  The South African Court ruled years ago against Criminalizing of homosexuality. Here are a few remarks:

 The criminalisation of sodomy in private between consenting males is a severe limitation of a gay man’s right to equality in relation to sexual orientation…. It is at the same time a severe limitation of the gay man’s rights to privacy, dignity and freedom. The harm caused by the provision can, and often does, affect his ability to achieve self-identification and self-fulfilment. The harm also radiates out into society generally and gives rise to a wide variety of other discriminations, which collectively unfairly prevent a fair distribution of social goods and services and the award of social opportunities for gays.

There are some Christians that I would call disciples of Christ:

The speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives, Alex Tyler, told journalists in January 2012 that his colleagues have already denounced the effort. “I am a Methodist and traditionalist. I will never support a gay bill because it is damaging to the survival of the country.” He also warned that any LGBT rights bill introduced in the house “will be thrown in the ‘Du or Montserrado River”.  Thank you, brother Tyler.

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