Aug 262013

The Russian Patrarch and Putin have publicly
agreed that the present legislature against homosexuals
is a good law

San Francisco

It is my belief that everyone can play a part, no matter how small.  In this age of media supremacy, protests travel world-wide.  This results in a chain of protests.

In San Francisco, in the “gay Castro district,” our LGBTI brothers and sisters protested after service at a Russian Orthodox Church that is located there.  There was plenty of warning and parishioners fled after service in order not to see the protestors.

Here is part of the Russian Church letter.

“After partaking of the Holy Gifts, Archbishop Kyrill and Bishop Theodosius performed a moleben with the other clergymen, during which litanies and supplications from the rite of the Triumph of Orthodoxy were intoned.”

Response from Paula Key on

We, homosexuals, are the ‘holy gifts’ that challenge you to follow the Gospels of:
loving everyone and not judging anyone.

“No litanies and supplications sent from hateful lips will ever be met with joy from a loving God that you fail to know.

Good always triumphs over evil, light over darkness, love over hatred, tolerance over intolerance.

And the people on the day of judgment said, “Lord, we did not reconize you.” And Jesus in the Gospels says, told them that he was in the – sick, homeless, widowed, disabled, lonely and in prison. Now, we can add “homosexuals” whom you dispise and persecute!

It saddens me t0 see a repetition of the Gospel stories where Jesus denounced those who quoted scripture and professed to love.  Jesus likened them to white tombs, all shiny and clean on the surface but inside full of darkness and hate.paula


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