Dec 252016

Paula here. In the past week, I have been reading comments from several gay sites regarding 2017 under the presidency of Donald Trump. The majority of comments voiced fall into categories of hopelessness and inertia – the feeling of being able to do nothing about Trump. There are many reasons why both LGBT and straight people have concerns about Trump in 2017 – he lies, he cheats and he has appointed a cabinet worth 17 billion in personal wealth. The CIA claims that Russia helped Trump to win. Trump likes to ‘rattle people’s cages’ and recently he stated that he is not afraid to use nuclear weapons. He wants to escalate the arms race. We must rise up like the Phoenix from the ashes.  Minorities need to consolidate.

LGBT in America

A LGBT Phoenix

Back to the disheartened comments by many LGBT persons. It seems that for many people, Trump has succeeded in killing the human spirit. This is a historical and common feeling when dictators rise to power. There is an overwhelming despair – people collapse into themselves. They express this despair and more and more people “buy into it.” This disease of despair invades good people’s personal lives. It influences how to interact with one another. It show the future as dark and threatening. It invades how a person lives at home, goes to work and plans for the future.

Rise Up Like a Phoenix

There is the obvious reality that Trump will be the next president. Yet, Americans need to remind themselves that Hillary won by nearly 3 million votes. There are sufficient numbers of decent humans left. They need to be tapped into as a source of power and inspiration.

There needs to be a movement similar to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr where solidarity of purpose is lived – marched – and joined.

LGBT, people as well as minorities targeted by Trump, need to be part of this vibrant movement of hope and triumph. This is a history lesson. This is a personal challenge. Defeatism will only strengthen Trump. What will defeat him is his promised programs. Reforming the medical/social insurance will result in many of his supporters not being covered by Obama’s Medicare. All the coal-mining jobs promised by Trump cannot materialize – there is NO coal veins in the states he made these promises. Jobs will NOT come back to America with Ivana Trump moving her shoe company from China to Somalia. (Her representative in China states that Somalia will provide 5 people for every Chinese worker). Trump will not have his products made it America – it is not financially beneficial to him. Like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes – Trump will be exposed, hopefully before he has not done great damage.
We can all fall on the pile of human self-pity, of helplessness or we can be the phoenix that rises from the ashes – more beautiful, stronger and life-giving. I would recommend the Huffington Post that posted the great things that happened in

Put on the song “Rise Up Rise UP” by parachute club.

2017 will be a year where individuals – you and me – are challenged to ‘rise up’ – It might mean volunteering or donating money or becoming politically active. If you value Hillary then do what Hillary has done in the past, is doing now, and will do in the future – MAKE A DIFFERENCE where you are planted. A powerful and fulfilling New Year 2017 to you all.


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