Aug 272014

A Note from Ludmila to Her Future Family

born this way

born this way

Dear future son/daughter/nephew/niece/cousins/grandchildren,

I have come across this website by chance. I am a female in a relationship with a male. I am not gay nor is he but there’s something important I want you to know:

If you are gay and if by the time I meet you our country, if not our world hasn’t accepted homosexuality as equal as being born a diabetic you are wonderful.

My line of business sees a lot of death. Knowing that every human on this earth makes a difference in lives surrounding them. I don’t want you to ever feel as though you aren’t loved. In my mind I have pondered the situation where my child may come out and I have realized I would be sad. But not sad that you are attracted to the same sex, but that there is a chance others may tease you, hurt you, or mock you. This goes the same as children with disabilities. It is deeply rude and hurtful to gawk at someone who may be “different”.

Everyone IS different. Not by politics, religion, or race. Once the world can accept that your life may have a few critics. I love you.

And for every child going through a tough time know that I support you. You may not know me but you know there is someone out there helping you up.


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