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Leslie Jones: Incredible Star – But She’s A woman AND Black! (There is a reason for stating this…read


Canadian and Lesbian Perspective.

Paula here.

Leslie continue to be that strong Amazon!

Leslie, continue to be that strong and talented Amazon!

As a Canadian lesbian that has celebrated the ‘advancement’ of women – I recoil at the incredible hatred vented towards Leslie Jones, one of the talented stars of Ghost Busters 2. Has the advancement of women and the diminishment of racism – just been a figment of my imagination? Have I been in a happy dream of equality of all humans on earth’s walk? Wait, I live in a country that passed marriage equality just before Spain in 2005! We, Canadians, do not have the ‘civil war’ that is happening as Republicans and Democrats ‘battle’ for who the next President of the USA will be.

Samantha Bee – Full Frontal

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Before commenting on Leslie Jones, I just want to applaud Samantha Bee, Canadian, and incredible funny comedian. She was on the Jon Stewart show and has now struck out on her own.   Like Jon, Samantha is a humanitarian, and supporter of gay rights.

She took her crew in a bus towards the Cleveland Republican Convention and interviewed women in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  She interviewed mostly women.

I could not believe that a young woman in her 20s could say, “I don’t think a woman should be President!” This was a Republican supporter.

Then, on to another woman, a mother who lets her son carry an assault army rifle in a guitar case. She is a “Christian” and uses the rifle range herself. She is a Republican supporter.

Several other women supported the ‘wall’ built to keep Mexicans (who according to Trump are killers and rapists).  He has made peaceful Muslims in America feel downgraded.  Did you know that a Muslim doctor treated gays who were shot in the Orlando gay club?  Trump claims to be a Christian, but I have never heard a Christian father (or any father known to me) state on television that his daughter has a beautiful body and if he wasn’t married, he would be dating her?”  I guess in the hateful public’s mind, Trump as the father he is – is better than being a gay man or a black man or a Muslim man….etc. etc.

Trump has downplayed the killings of blacks by police, by adding that more blacks kill one another. In this incredible divide, it is not hard to image that black woman, Leslie Jones, is the target of racism and Misogyny (Tweets and comments have determined that only males should have done this follow up to the original Ghost Busters). Leslie, darling – you have to ignore this and celebrate the great woman that you are – and – celebrate your race.Many critics stated that a female version would fail, but they were wrong. In the opening weekend this movie took in $46 million in the US and Sony is already talking about a sequel.


The harassing began, almost entirely by men. They targeted Leslie, who is a tough black woman. It was NO suprise when the most hateful Twitter, Milo Yiannopoulos” began his White Supremacist tirade. He could not bring himself to critique the movie with his brain – instead he used words like “coon” and “savage.” He compared Leslie to an ape.   Leslie fought back by revealing the obnoxious comments. Most of us – groaned – Hitler is alive and well and represented by the KKK.

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Leslie, you are gorgeous.   I love your strength. I call you my lovable Amazon woman. I will devote future blogsto celebrate who you are – and ‘who you are’ represents women. You represent women who will NOT be oppressed by males (and their weak girlfriends and wives). You also represent humanity in all its races, religions, cultures and sexual-orientation and identities. Be strong, Leslie.   You have more followers who love you, than lesser humans who hate!

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